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A Note From Our CEO

Slip resistant shoes don’t need to be hard, heavy and ugly to be effective.


Stuart Jenkins
CEO & Chief Innovation Officer


Slip resistant shoes don’t need to be hard, heavy and ugly to be effective. Why should “shoes for work” be any different from your regular shoes, the ones you love to wear?

Our goal is to make you love the shoes we’re making to help keep you safe.

When I joined Shoes For Crews as the CEO last year, I reviewed all the styles and started over because I knew you deserved better – and that we could do better. We hired a whole team of footwear designers from performance athletic and fashion companies and moved our production to some of the best factories in the world. You will see that we’ve added innovations all over the shoes to make the tops of them work as well as the bottoms always have.

We’ve done all this in the past year because we’ve taken your feedback seriously, and because you and your employees deserve it.

We don’t outsource safety, we own it.

Only one thing hasn’t changed: our outsoles. We own our outsole factory so we are in charge of every single ingredient that goes into our outsoles and every step in the production process. In this new collection, you’ll see some innovations in our outsoles. But rest assured, the outsole performance is better than ever. These aren’t just “shoes for work” anymore—they are terrific shoes that happen to have the best slip resistant outsole you can find.

Our promise to you is that we will make carefully crafted footwear that also looks fresh and feels great so you can walk into work knowing that your shoes were built to withstand tough and demanding conditions. Focus on your job; we’ll keep you grounded and help get you home safe. Don’t settle for less. And from now on, always expect more from the all-new Shoes For Crews.

Welcome to the new Shoes For Crews. New styles, new innovations, new comfort. But most importantly, a new commitment to you.

Let me know how we’re doing. Email me CEO@shoesforcrews.com, I look forward to hearing from you.


Stuart Jenkins

In 1984, we made a shoe.

It was a shoe meant for the foot of workers; people who woke up early, worked late and came home tired. Shoes For Crews’ unique slip resistant outsoles were developed with the distinct mission of keeping workers safe. That’s why we have been an industry leader in safety for over three decades, and have kept 100,000 workplaces safe worldwide. Our shoes are in the finest restaurants, the greasiest kitchens, hectic medical facilities, and industrial manufacturing operations.
Now, our legacy of safety has been revamped to be more comfortable and stylish than ever, while always keeping you on your feet. Our shoes aren’t just slip-resistant; they’re spill-resistant, trip-resistant, comfortable. We’re all going home to something or someone. Shoes For Crews, now and always, just wants to help you get there.

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