Your Boss Said "Buy Non-Slip Restaurant Shoes" and Here's Why

You know not to drive without a seatbelt and you know not to jump out of a plane without a parachute because you know the risks involved. But do you know the risks involved if you’re not wearing non-slip restaurant shoes? Here’s why you need to wear non-slip shoes if you’re a restaurant worker.



1. Liquid Spillages

2. Food Debris

3. General Rubbish

4. Cleaning Products

5. Hectic Environment


Slips, trips and falls are the biggest cause of accidents in workplaces all over the world. In the EU, they have been identified as the main cause of injuries that have resulted in more than three days of absence from work.

The slip, trip and fall hazard is even more prevalent in restaurants because of the following five factors…

1. Liquid Spillages


In restaurants, the chance that liquids such as water, oil and condiments will spill onto the floor is pretty high. From food preparation and washing up, to quickly carrying heavy drinks trays out to diners, liquid spillages are commonplace. Diners might also walk in with wet or damp shoes if it’s raining outside.

These factors make the typically hard floor surfaces very slippery and means restaurant staff can easily fall if they’re not careful.

2. Food Debris


When food is being prepared and cooked, scraps or crumbs can easily fall onto the floor. For example, a chef might be quickly chopping, tossing a dish in a wok or spooning it out onto a plate. Even the most careful of workers can accidentally drop a few bits of food onto the ground.

This creates a slip hazard, especially if it piles up. Even if the debris is cleaned up, the ground might still be slippery as the food may leave a wet or greasy trail.

3. General Rubbish


It’s easy to knock cardboard containers and plastic boxes onto the ground when working quickly. Or, customers can accidentally bring in rubbish from the outside if it’s stuck to their shoes. This can cause a slip and trip hazard, particularly if you and your co-workers are so busy, you don’t notice these bits of rubbish on the ground and end up sliding on them.

4. Cleaning Products


Restaurant floors have to be cleaned regularly for sanitary reasons and to reduce certain hazards like cross-contamination of food and slips and trips. But ironically, cleaning products can actually increase the chance of slip hazards. If there’s too much cleaning product on the ground or it’s still drying, it can leave the ground slippery.

5. Hectic Environment


No diner wants to eat something that’s not the quality they expected nor do they want to wait ages for it. To meet this demand, all restaurant workers, from head chefs to waiters and waitresses, are usually dashing around. So, it’s safe to say that restaurants are fast-paced, hectic environments to work in.

When you’re rushing around, all of the factors mentioned above are even more likely to happen. This means you and your co-workers are at risk from slips, trips and falls.

How Can Non-Slip Restaurant Shoes Help?


Non-slip restaurant shoes are specially designed to prevent the wearer from slipping, tripping and falling when walking on slippery surfaces. They work by having deeper tread grooves. These grooves provide greater friction against the floor, gripping it more tightly so you can stay upright and work more safely and comfortably.

Non-slip shoes greatly reduce the impact that those five factors we mentioned earlier will have and the chance that you’ll be injured and have to take time off work. Of course, you’ll still need to tidy rubbish, mop up spillages and clean the floors but wearing non-slip shoes means you’re much less likely to fall during your busy shift.

We Recommend…

Mary Jane II is a smart and stylish shoe for ladies with an adjustable strap. CE and OB certified, the slip-resistant outsoles ensure that you can work safely without the fear of slipping and falling at work. The high-quality leather exterior is durable and water-resistant so your feet can stay dry and comfortable, all shift long.

Delray-Leather is a shoe that’s built to last the harsh conditions of a restaurant workplace and keep you safe while you work. The slip-resistant outsoles ensure you can stay upright no matter how slippery the ground might be and the classic sneaker design can easily take you from work to play. Made from a durable, water-resistant leather, Delray-Leather will keep your feet dry while the cushioned insoles prevent soreness and discomfort.


Radium is a lightweight but durable clog-style shoe that’s perfect for kitchen staff. CE and OB certified, the slip-resistant outsoles will provide much-needed friction against the slip hazards of a restaurant kitchen and the tapered outsole (TripGuard) further decreases trip hazards when you’re moving between different floor types.


Radium is built for superior comfort too. The water-resistant exterior protects against liquid spillages and ultra lightweight EVA soles support your feet, reduce discomfort and help each step you take feel lighter.



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These aren’t the only factors you need to consider if you want to avoid slipping at work. It’s vital your work shoes protect against your specific job role and hazards. Download our guide to picking slip-resistant shoes for work to find out more.


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