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Why Your Team Needs Hospitality Shoes (And How to Choose Them)

Slip-resistant hospitality shoes are a must have for your employees. Without the right protective footwear, your staff are vulnerable to an accident in the workplace that could hit your business harder than you might think. These are the main reasons why your team needs protective footwear and how you can make sure you’re choosing the right ones.




The topics we’ll be covering are how wearing hospitality shoes:



Increases Safety and Reduces Accidents


Slips, trips and falls are the most common form of accidents in the workplace. Staggeringly, for example, they account for 20 percent of all injuries at work in the UK, and this is one of Europe's safer places to work. Hospitality workers are particularly at risk due to the long shifts they work and being constantly on their feet.


A busy kitchen, restaurant floor or hotel bar each come with their individual risks. By kitting out your team in the correct footwear, you are minimising potential risk of an accident and injury.


For example, in a busy kitchen, a chef can easily make mistakes. Something simple like a dropped sharp knife onto their foot could leave them out of action if they’re not wearing the correct protective shoes.



Improves Productivity and Performance


Quite simply, if your staff aren’t worried about falling over and hurting themselves when carrying out their job, they’re bound to work more efficiently and productivity levels will be higher too.


A comfortable, versatile and slip-resistant shoe would be perfect for a hospitality team member. They should be wearing footwear that isn’t going to hurt their feet whilst on shift, yet have the grip to stay standing on slippy, hard floors.



Looks Professional


In the hospitality industry, first impressions count for everything. What your staff wear can have a lasting impression on how guests act, think and feel towards them. If your staff are wearing the wrong footwear, it could damage your reputation and have a negative effect on your business, over time.


When looking at hospitality shoes for your staff, think: Do they look good with your uniform? Do they make your staff look professional? And most importantly, do they keep your team as safe as possible?



Benefits Staff Morale


By giving your staff the right protective footwear for their jobs, you will see a boost in team morale. This will prove to them that you value their safety and they will greatly appreciate that.


Not only this, it gives them a sense of belonging and empowerment. Your staff members will feel like trusted, valued members of the team and will be more inclined to work harder for the business.



Cost-Effective in the Long Run


A good quality slip-resistant shoe may originally cost more than a shoe from the high street, but which one is going to be more suited to your employees’ needs and last longer? A cheaper alternative off the high street may seem like a quick win for your business but like with most things, you get what you pay for and would definitely need to replace them more often.


Plus, by investing in protective footwear for your employees, you’re not only protecting them, but you’re also covering your business’ back too. Again according to UK data, the average slip, trip and fall has resulted in over 7 days out of work.


But wearing hospitality shoes minimises the risk of accidents.



Offer Extra Comfort


Long hours serving on tables or working on a bar can leave your team’s bodies feeling drained and achy. It is not uncommon to hear employees complaining of sore feet or a bad back after finishing a tough shift.


These problems are often due to staff not wearing footwear that aptly supports their bodies. This can be detrimental to their health and possibly lead to more complicated problems. It’s important that your team are wearing the best safety shoes most suited to them, as everyday casual shoes will inflict too much stress on their feet.


If they’re then comfortable, they will work more efficiently.



How to Choose the Right Shoes


Each different environment has its own respective risks. This has to be considered when choosing the correct footwear for your staff. Here are some tips of what to consider when selecting your hospitality staff footwear:


  • Are they comfortable enough to be stood up in for lengthy periods of time?
  • Are they slip resistant?
  • Do they protect against all other relevant risks in various departments (i.e. spill guard protection for chefs)?
  • Do they provide suitable joint and back protection?
  • Will they fit in with staff uniform and look professional?
  • Will your staff be happy to wear them?


Slips, trips and falls account for an astonishing 15 percent of accidental deaths in the workplace. Your employees are your most valuable asset, so you need to protect them. They deserve slip-resistant footwear that works as hard as they do.





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