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Why is Bartending a Good Career?

Certain things may come to mind when you think of the role of a bartender - such as the creativity of mixing drinks or it could be the less exciting tasks like cleaning the bar. Whether you imagine a friendly pub landlord or a suave cocktail maker, in this post, we’ll discuss what makes bartending such a good career.





It’s Incredibly Rewarding


It can feel a little overwhelming when you’re behind the bar with so many jobs to do and drink recipes to remember. But when you make the perfect mojito and the customer enjoys it, it’s a great achievement. 


This is why bartending can be so rewarding. Providing an excellent and appreciated service to your customers and knowing you’re instrumental in them having a great time will give you a sense of satisfaction. 



Even Though the Hours Can Be Long, It’s Great for Socialising


Bartending can sometimes mean working unsociable hours. Evening shifts which last through the night can seem unusual at first and make you feel quite nocturnal - especially with family and friends around you working normal hours through the daytime. 


To help with this, it’s always a good idea to make an effort with your coworkers. If you get on well with them and enjoy your shifts, the hours will go much quicker!


This improves teamwork, which is essential for bar work and makes tasks so much more enjoyable and efficient. Plus, it helps you to befriend your coworkers and create a really friendly and welcoming atmosphere. This not only benefits other new staff by making them feel included and appreciated, it also gives your customers a great impression of both you and the place in which you work.


This is easy to do in a bar as they’re great places to work for socialising. Whether you’re engaging in great conversation with coworkers or customers, there are always people to chat to. This keeps the job both varied and interesting.


Plus, interacting with so many different people is a great way to build on your customer service skills and techniques which is a valuable quality to have. 


You Get to Experience a Variety of Work Environments


You can also choose the kind of work environment which you feel will provide you with the social atmosphere to suit your personality. It could be that you enjoy the music and lively customers in a club or you may prefer the sophistication and elegance of a cocktail bar. 


You may already think you know which type of place you would enjoy working in more. However, gaining experience in these various environments will help you develop your skills and become more involved in a variety of social atmospheres. This will boost your employability and perhaps even lead to personal growth. 



Just Make Sure You’re Prepared for the Hazards…


As fulfilling the bartender career is, there are certain hazards involved that you need to be aware of. 


For example, cuts can be a common risk - whether they’re from a smashed glass or the knives used for cutting up fruit garnishes for drinks. Make sure you’re concentrating when handling sharp or breakable items behind the bar. Accidents do happen though, no matter how careful you are. If you do break a glass, it's best to clean it up straight away and warn your team about it so they're aware of the hazard.


There’s also the risk of developing aches and pains from being on your feet and rushing around for long hours. To avoid this, ensure your footwear is comfortable and safe - providing features to keep you on your feet during even the busiest shifts.


FlexTread, TripGuard and water resistance are just three of the features you should look for in your next pair of work shoes. These can be found in styles like our Saloon II for men and women. The shoe’s innovative safety and comfort features will help reduce problems which can occur from bar work by keeping your feet supported, safe and dry. 


If you work outside in the heat of the sun, there is always the chance of being burnt. This may sound obvious, but lime juice coming into contact with skin can lead to inflammation and irritation when exposed to ultraviolet light i.e. the sun. There is also this risk when playing with fire and creating flaming cocktails, but with practice and caution, they can enhance your customer’s experience by adding something different.

As a bartender, you’re constantly learning. Regardless of whether you’re new to the role or a veteran, there will always be new drinks, new regulations to stay up to date with and new techniques to learn and perfect. This makes it an exciting and rewarding area of work to progress in.


How Can I Learn More About Pursuing A Career in Bartending?


Now you have a full and well-rounded overview of what’s involved in the bartending career, you can feel prepared for the exciting journey which lies ahead of you. 


To discover more about the skills and tasks involved in bartending and learn tips on how to succeed in this career, click the link below to download your copy of our guide. 


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