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Why are People Choosing to Wear Vegan Safety Footwear for Work?

Vegan safety footwear, which is footwear made from synthetic leather and includes steel or composite toe caps that typically protect up to 200 joules,  can be just as protective as traditional leather alternatives. Many people choose to wear them because of their added ethical benefits and the fact that they don’t need to compromise on quality.



Here are five reasons why people are choosing to wear vegan safety footwear for their role: 

  1. 1. Makes a Difference to the World

  2. 2. Adapt to All Floor Types on Your Busy Shift 

  3. 3. Looks Just as Good as the Real Thing

  4. 4. Durable and Cheaper in the Long Run

  5. 5. Prevent Injuries Throughout Your Shift

  6. 1. Makes a Difference to the World

  8. The livestock industry uses up huge resources of energy, water and land. It produces high levels of methane and requires a lot of chemicals and various processes to change a hide into leather products.


    Vegan shoes don’t use products or materials from any part of an animal and are completely cruelty-free. Instead, they use alternative synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester. This means fewer animals are harmed, less carbon dioxide is emitted when producing vegan footwear and there’s less waste leftover when synthetic fibres are used.


    You don’t have to compromise on veganism because you’re limited when it comes to vegan shoes that can keep you safe at work. 


    In 2018, the number of searches for vegan shoes and clothing went up by 200%. This shows consumers and workers are becoming more concerned with their environmental impact. 


    If you could remain stylish and safe at work while reducing your impact on the environment by purchasing footwear that doesn’t feature chemical ingredients in toxic-free, ethical factories, wouldn’t you?


2. Adapt to All Floor Types on Your Busy Shift 


On a typical day, you could potentially come into contact with any surface. It’s important to keep this in mind when choosing appropriate safety shoes.


Safety shoes with a tapered outsole can help maintain your balance and composure on all floor types. They can even help make the transition between different floor coverings safer and minimise the risk of tripping. 


Evie is a comfortable and stylish composite toe safety shoe with a removable cushioned insole for added support.



Available in black or white, this pair is perfect for moving around at work and it’s also vegan-friendly.


3. Looks Just as Good as the Real Thing


In a busy role, you need to look professional. Our vegan shoe range shine just like real leather and are easy to wipe clean. They require little maintenance in comparison which cuts out the expense of shoe polish and the time it takes to make them look good. 


4. Durable and Cheaper in the Long Run


High-street alternatives are often the first place people look for work shoes because they’re fashionable and are generally inexpensive. 


However, you’ll find that they wear a lot quicker than high-quality slip-resistant shoes do, which means that you’ll have to replace them every few months. Although it might not show the leather symbol, you don’t know what materials have gone into the production of the shoe either.


The price may be a little higher than the high street, however, you’ll save money in the long run by not having to replace them constantly. Plus these shoes will have the added safety advantages.


And most importantly, you know that they're made from 100% synthetic materials. 


5. Prevent Injuries Throughout Your Shift


Slips, trips and falls are common hazards in many job roles. But in hospitality, there are lots of possible opportunities for accidents and injury.


You're going to be walking over different flooring that offers a range of potential hazards.


To ensure you’re prepared for any spill or surface, it’s best to have slip-resistant safety shoes that will assist you in your role.



Simple but with functionalities that are definitely not basic, Bonnie and Clyde are puncture-proof with a composite steel toe. They also feature a slip-resistant outsole with TripGuard that lets you move easily between different floor surfaces.  


All You Need to Know About Buying the Right Work Shoes


No matter where you work, there’s footwear that can make your shift a little bit easier. 


That’s why we’ve created the Ultimate Guide to Slip-Resistant Shoes. It will help you decide the right style for you. From the potential hazards to the best footwear options for your role, our guide explains all the important information you need to know.


Download your free guide now.


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