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What to wear for work? Guide to fast food uniforms

Are you unsure of what to provide in a uniform for your fast food employees? Most fast food restaurants follow a similar style when it comes to their workers' uniforms. They will give you a branded shirt to wear but the rest of the uniform is your responsibility to buy. Here is our guide to fast food uniforms so your employees look respectable and are kept safe.



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Branded Top

Most fast food restaurants will provide a branded top for you to wear. This is usually a short sleeved button shirt and depending on the brand can come in a range of colours and styles. You will normally be given 2 or 3 tops, so you have a spare to wear when the other is in the wash. Make sure to iron your shirt for work, managers will expect their staff to look professional at all times.  


Some restaurants may require you to wear a white (or black) shirt paid out of your own pocket and they'll give you a branded tie to wear as part of the uniform. 


Each restaurant has their own rules when it comes to their fast food uniform, it's important to check before your first shift. 



Black Pants

Next is the black pants. These can't be jeans or leggings but proper trousers. To be honest, when working in a hot kitchen, you don't want to be wearing jeans or leggings.


The pants should cover your entire leg and be a comfortable fit around the waist. Try them on before you buy. If you're going to be wearing these pants for over 8 hours a day, they need to be comfortable to wear.


Remember, they shouldn't have any additional designs, they just need to be plain black trousers.



Keep Hair Tied Back



In all work environments where food is prepared for the public, it's necessary for all staff to keep hair tied back, to prevent hair from falling onto food. It's one of the worst things to bite into your food and discover a hairy addition inside. Yuck!


Keep hair bands in your locker and you will probably be able to get hair nets from work if your hair refuses to be held back by a band. Most fast food restaurants will expect their staff to wear a branded hat/cap as part of their uniform. Just like the shirt, the hat will be given to you so you don't have to buy it.


If you've got a beard, don't worry you won't be expected to shave it off. Your manager should make sure there is a beard net available so you can keep your beard hairs under control. 



Wear A Watch


Many restaurants will have a clock on the wall, but having a watch with you makes it easier to keep on top of things. Some cooking machines will have a timer to help you manage what's ready to be taken off the grill. However, sometimes you will need a watch to monitor other food stations and to keep an eye on how long customers have been waiting for their food. 


If food gets burnt, you'll have to throw it away and start from scratch. The longer you make a customer wait, the higher chance they'll get annoyed. Wearing a watch helps you stay ahead.



Slip-Resistant Shoes 


 Old School Low Rider IV: comfortable slip-resistant shoes for fast food staff


In fast food restaurants, the floors in the kitchen can get slippery with water, oil and other slippery liquids. So, it's required for fast food staff to wear slip-resistant shoes to reduce the chance of slipping or falling at work. 


A vital part of your fast food uniform is the shoes, because when you think about it, you'll be on your feet for most of your shift. Your fast food work shoes must be comfortable to wear. You can't rely on your favourite high street shoes because they won't have the essential slip-resistant grip you need. Unlike ordinary footwear, work shoes are specially designed for employees in different industries. They have safety features for your work environment.


When working in a fast food kitchen, your shoes need to be slip-resistant, water resistant and have supportive, comfortable insoles.   



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