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What Should be Included in a Proper Housekeeping Uniform?

Working in the hospitality industry, you’ll know just how important it can be to wear the right clothing. You’ll need to consider comfort, style, versatility and much more so that you can stay productive without worrying about the quality or potentially being restricted in your movement.


A housekeeping role can be physically demanding, especially since you’re likely to be on your feet for the majority of your shift. This blog will outline what should be included in a proper housekeeping uniform, who should buy them and any safety considerations you need to think about.



In housekeeping, you’re likely to be on your feet for hours, while still looking smart at all times to give off a professional image. The right pair of shoes, which feature vital safety elements like slip and water-resistance, can help you save money as a good quality pair of shoes don’t need replacing often.

As we mentioned, choosing the right style can increase safety if they feature the relevant elements so that you avoid slips, trips and falls. You should also take comfort into account, as long shifts can potentially result in sore feet, back pain and maybe more if the wrong or uncomfortable shoes are worn during your shifts.

Look for a style that offers arch support to maintain the health of your feet and avoid any potential problems in the future.





We recommend Condor for men. This stylish option features a cushioned insole and a wider heel, giving you added comfort and traction where you need it most to keep you safe during your shifts.

For women, we recommend Reese. While it looks deceptively simple, its secret weapon lies in the heel as it comes with new pressure release technology. This makes it easier to relieve the pressure under your feet created with each step while the springy heel material returns energy to your feet too.



Lower Body


Look for housekeeping trousers that offer comfort, versatility and are made from high-quality materials so they can withstand regular use. Housekeeping trousers can be used by both men and women, but it also depends on the brand of the hotel you’re working in so you match the colour scheme of other staff members.

Having a formal touch alongside comfort can also be beneficial, especially since you’ll wear them regularly for your entire shift to maintain cleanliness around the rooms and general hotel area. It also gives guests a great impression that the housekeeping staff are well looked after and that you take pride in your work.

Upper Body


You have many more options for upper body clothing when it comes to a housekeeping uniform. There are dresses, tunics, vests and even aprons that you can wear. Also, don’t forget about wearing a suitable pair of rubber gloves either, especially if you’re working with cleaning chemicals.

That applies to all clothing ranging from tunics to shoes. By having a uniform from head to toe in high-quality materials, you’re always protected from any potential splashes that can cause skin irritation.

So, when it comes to upper body wear, your uniforms need to look professional to leave a great first impression, be comfortable so you don’t get irritated throughout shifts and safe so you’re never in any potential danger.

Who Should Buy Them?


In a housekeeping role, you’re essentially the face of the brand as guests might see you regularly. That’s why giving off a lasting first impression is vital and with a poor or overly casual uniform, guests might not be impressed.

The hotel you work for might have strict brand guidelines, so it can generally fall on them to provide you with safe and comfortable uniforms. By doing this, your employers are helping to safeguard you from any potential dangers, which shows that they value your safety and the job you do.

Safety Considerations


Although we’ve highlighted safety elements in the points above, we can’t stress enough how important a safe housekeeping uniform is. Whether it’s a pair of shoes or gloves, safer options made from durable materials keep you out of potential danger and let you continue working your shifts safely.

As you’re working with different types of cleaning products and moving across various floor types, it’s essential you wear the appropriate footwear to reduce potential slip hazards. Look for slip-resistant soles to ensure you have effective grip on any floor surface and styles made from materials that have been treated to repel liquids and durable enough to resist wear and tear.

At Shoes For Crews (Europe), our range of housekeeping shoes have high-quality slip-resistant tread to give you effective grip on any floor surface, so they’re suitable for many different work environments, including hotels.

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As a housekeeper, you need to keep your skin covered from cleaning products that can potentially cause serious rashes or burns. Our specialised housekeeping shoes are made from durable materials to help keep your feet dry and protected from any splashes.

Luckily for you, you’re not just limited to one style. By downloading our catalogue, you can view the full range of our styles and the safety elements featured in each one.

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