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What Should Be Included in a Hotel Uniform?

Having a uniform isn’t a new concept - especially in the wonderful world of hospitality. A uniform policy can be an easy way to promote a certain image associated with the hotel. When guests walk into a hotel, the first person they’ll be looking for is a member of staff to assist them.



A uniform can make you feel part of the team and every team requires their own individual attire to assist them safely through their shift. Here's what should be included in your hotel uniform.





As concierge staff are often the initial point of contact for guests arriving at the hotel, there are lots of important things included in a concierge uniform. After all, this first impression could make or break a positive review of the business.


Most places will adhere to a smart dress code throughout the establishment. A concierge uniform can typically consist of:

  • Crisp white shirts.
  • Black dress trousers.
  • Smart yet practical shoes.
  • Name badge.


A good place to start is smart shoes. Despite what you might think, your guests will notice how you’re dressed. Invest in a good pair of shoes that will not only be comfortable but also look professional to assist you with your daily tasks as a concierge.

Senator delivers no matter what your shift may throw at you. This timeless and tailored shoe will make a great addition to your concierge uniform. With added safety features like slip-resistant soles, you’re able to navigate around the hotel safely and in style.



Housekeeping doesn’t just entail cleaning. It's typically a very physically demanding job that can present challenging and diverse tasks. Plus, there are many occupational hazards, from slippery floors and heavy carts to sore feet as you’ll be walking around all day, creating a presentable space for guests.


Wearing the right uniform which consists of the below can help:


  • Work tunics.

  • Aprons and tabards.

  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves and slip resistant sole shoes.

Karina is a practical slip-on shoe designed for comfort and safety. With a slip-resistant outsole and easy-lacing system, you can manoeuvre around the hotel in confidence. Equipped with the rest of the practical housekeeping uniform, you’ll be able to complete your shift in confidence and safety.

Cleaners especially will require certain safety features that slip-resistant hospitality shoes can provide. Walking on wet or recently cleaned floors can possibly increase your chances of slipping or potentially suffering an injury. These safety tips are essential to keeping safe in the hotel environment.


Chef and Kitchen Staff


You’re donning your chef whites and toque and you’re ready to prepare some delicious food for the guests. But what other components make up a chef uniform? Besides light clothing to keep cool throughout the shift, there are other things to consider in a chef's uniform.


1. Double-breasted chef jacket that can be reversed to hide stains.

2. Comfortable fitting material pants.

3. Professional chef aprons.

4. Comfortable and slip-resistant shoes.


People who work in bustling hotel kitchens are potentially at higher risk of slipping or tripping. As well as sharp cutlery and hot equipment, you’re vulnerable to oils and liquids when working with food. Whether you’re a chef or waitstaff, you’ll be in the kitchen enough for these variables to cause a possible threat and slip-resistant shoes might just be the answer.



We suggest Radium when you’re a busy chef on your feet all day. You require comfort and safety and this lightweight shoe, with extra cushioning and a slip-resistant outsole, ticks all the boxes.


Bar Staff


Some hotels might have a bar and every bartender will know all too well that most shifts are long where you’re constantly on your feet. Bar shoes are designed to safeguard bar workers from the occupational hazards you face on a daily basis.

In any customer facing role, it’s important to look professional and depending on the hotel, you may have to consider these items for your uniform:

  • Crisp white shirt or polo shirt.

  • Smart and practical footwear.

  • Low riding apron.


Like with uniforms, having a bar team wearing specialised bar shoes can bring a sense of unity. They also provide many other positive reasons. Find out why bar shoes are a necessity in hotel bars.

Whether you’re behind the bar serving drinks or amongst the guests collecting glasses from tables, drinks are often spilt and can make the floor dangerously slippery. A more modern shoe style might be more appealing to the young workforce. 


Old School Low-Rider, for example, dons a classic sneaker look but with extra cushioning and TripGuard - so you won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.


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Giving guests the best hotel experience is important but being comfortable and happy to help in your job makes all the difference.

Take a look at our innovative footwear for the workplace. From concierge to chefs, there’s a pair for any role to help you enhance your service.


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