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What Are the Most Comfortable Shoes for Nursing?

Nurses often have to spend long hours on their feet, which is why it’s important to choose comfortable, durable footwear. Shoes for nurses also need to be slip-resistant to reduce chances of a slip, trip or fall which could lead to an injury.

We’ve done the hard work for you and found a variety of comfortable nursing shoes that are also safe for working on hospital wards.



1. Zinc

The Zinc shoe

Zinc is designed with comfort and safety in mind. It’s lightweight, water-resistant and has different traction patterns across the slip-resistant outsole appropriate for the job, work surface and environment. Plus, it’s vegan, easy to clean and durable. 


2. Condor


The Condor shoe


From its cushioned insole and slip-resistant soles to its mesh ventilation and wider heel - Condor looks great while keeping you safe at work. Condor is made with SpillGuard protection, making them easy to clean. 


3. Evolution II

The Evolution II

Evolution II is ideal for working long shifts. It’s designed with airbags that provide extra cushioning, TripGuard to keep the wearer safe all day long and it’s water and slip-resistant. Plus, it’s easy to clean. 


4. Revolution II

The Revolution II


While working long hours on hospital wards, it’s important to feel both comfortable and safe in your footwear. Revolution II uses airbags, natural fit and extra built-in cushioning to deliver more comfort, as well as TripGuard and slip-resistant Zone Traction to keep you safe and stable.


5. Karina

Karina has a lightweight design with an easy lacing system and slip-resistant Flex Tread. The outsole is designed to keep your shoe moving the same way your foot does for extra comfort all day long. 


6. Radium

The Radium shoe

During long shifts, comfort and safety are key. That’s why you want something lightweight, durable and appropriate for the job - like Radium. It’s all of the above, but it’s also water-resistant, vegan and easy to clean. 


7. Triston II OB 

The Triston II OB shoe

This CE Certified, lightweight and water-resistant work clog, with a removable EVA insole, will keep you comfortable throughout your shift. But it’s not all about comfort, it’s about safety too. Luckily, Triston II OB is slip-resistant and has a clog-resistant outsole, allowing you to feel safe while you work. 


8. Old School Low Rider IV



Old School Low Rider IV offers a classic look with extra cushioning. This leather shoe is also designed with TripGuard, is slip-resistant for safety and has a tapered outsole to minimise the risk of tripping. 


9. Vitality II

The Vitality II shoe

With a lightweight construction, Vitality II has a lightweight construction that puts less pressure on your feet. Its FlexTread outsole with TripGuard works together to provide comfort and safety while you’re hard at work on your feet. 


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