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What Are the Best Chef Shoes for Long Hours?

Chefs are hard-working, determined and they thrive under pressure. They need to have these traits so they can succeed in hot kitchens during busy shifts. 


We can’t make your shifts shorter or restaurant guests less unpredictable, but we can make sure you prepare the right way for each working day. That starts with the right footwear. Here are the best chef shoes for long hours.




The Right Footwear for Chefs

Kitchens are potentially hazardous work environments for anyone that uses or passes through them. Spilt liquids, heavy objects and sharp utensils can all pose possible dangers if not used carefully. Slips, trips and falling items can lead to serious injuries, so it’s important that all members of staff have the right protection on their feet.


When searching for your next pair of chef shoes, here are some features to look for. 

Tapered Outsole

A tapered outsole can minimise the risks of tripping as you move between different floor surfaces. It only takes one accidental fall for you to suffer a serious injury and need time off from work. Shoes without tapered outsoles are less likely to stop you from tripping.


Dolce81 and Radium are two pairs of shoes designed with slip-resistant outsoles.



The S3-certified Dolce81 allows chefs to cover more ground without having to worry about slips or falls. They keep the wearer safe without compromising on comfort. They’re also easy to clean so you’ll always be dressed professionally and long-lasting too. 


Like Dolce81, Radium is designed with a tapered outsole to make sure the wearer avoids slips and trips as they move about the kitchen. It also features a cushioned insole so that you can work as effectively at the end of the shift as you do at the start. 


Puncture Proof

Imagine a busy kitchen with chefs and waiters passing each other and shouting information. It’s a chaotic scene and when kitchens are this busy, it’s easy for accidents to occur. 


Someone might be carrying a heavy object and slip on something that wasn’t cleaned up. Or, a sharp knife might be left too close to the edge of a worktop and is accidentally knocked over the edge. 


In either of these scenarios, your feet are at risk. If a heavy object or sharp knife falls on your feet and you aren’t wearing the right footwear, then you could experience a serious injury. 

When choosing between possible chef shoes, check to see if they feature steel or composite toes and are puncture proof. Both Volluto81 and Gusto81 have steel toes to ensure your feet are kept safe.


Volluto81 isn’t just designed with a steel toe to protect against falling objects. It’s also a slip-resistant safety shoe that also keeps the wearer on their feet, even as they move across slippery surfaces.


Gusto81 also features a steel toe that can protect the wearer from impacts up to 200 joules in energy. The slip-resistant outsole and waterproof material make it the perfect footwear for any chef who works long hours and needs to stay on their feet. 



Any chef knows that the kitchen can be a messy place to work. Spilt liquids and cleaning products lead to wet surfaces that chefs have to deal with. The wrong footwear won’t prevent liquids from being absorbed into the wearer’s shoes and socks. 

The last thing you want to think about during a busy shift are wet socks. They leave you uncomfortable, unhappy and they can lead to painful blisters. Make sure you never have to worry about this with water-resistant footwear.


Look no further than Finn and Triston II SB for shoes that will always keep you dry. 


These shoes are water-resistant, slip-resistant and comfortable. They also feature three-hole arch ventilation which makes sure your feet don’t overheat - even during the busiest shifts. Make sure your feet are kept cool and dry at all times so that you can perform to the best of your abilities.


New to our collection, Triston II SB is a water-resistant work clog, designed to keep feet dry. The composite toe and slip-resistant outsole offer the best possible protection. They’ll give you peace of mind to work hard without ever worrying about slips, trips or falls. 


Whether it’s a quick shift or the usual long hours, you need to make sure that you prepare for each day in the right way. Heading to the kitchen with the wrong footwear is a recipe for disaster. You’re more likely to experience a serious injury because your shoes aren’t able to meet the demands of a busy kitchen. 


Choose any of the shoes mentioned in this blog and you won’t have to worry. If you can’t decide on the right pair to suit you, then check out our guide below. 



Find the Perfect Chef Shoes


We know it can be difficult to find the right footwear. You need a pair that are comfortable, stylish, professional and able to keep you on your feet at all times. You don’t want to buy a poor-quality pair that needs replacing in a couple of months.


To find a long-lasting pair of chef shoes, download our buying guide now and find the right footwear for you. 



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