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We're officially one of the best slip-resistant shoes

When choosing work footwear, safety should be paramount. Our slip resistant footwear provides a grip which can help prevent slips and falls due to spillages, excess moisture, uneven flooring and changes in flooring types. Considering not only the cost impact but the lost time accidents cause businesses' everyday, choosing the right footwear for your industry is crucial.


We are very proud to announce that recently, The Health & Safety Laboratory conducted a series of extensive tests to rate footwear slip resistance and we came out on top!



The results


Shoes For Crews received a 5* rating for both our SFC5 and SFC Mighty Grip soles (making us one of the best slip-resistant shoes in town!). You can verify our rating here, on the HSL Grip ratings page.


Our slip resistant technology revolutionises workplace safety and we have the results to prove it. By choosing the top rated slip resistant shoes, you could help reduce slipping accidents and the business costs associated with such incidents.


The Health & Safety Laboratory (HSL) is one of the worlds leading providers of workplace health and safety research. They have tested and reviewed industry standards for over 100 years and work hand in hand with industry regulators to improve these standards continuously.


Along with the HSL, we make it our business to take care of our customers safety and know that over 200 people are killed each year due to accidents in the workplace, within many businesses the biggest cause of injury being slips and falls. We work hard to reduce the number of slips and falls people incur with our innovative slip resistant technology and our recent award goes to demonstrate our continued commitment to the development of class leading safety footwear.



How is it tested? 


The testing is performed on a wet ceramic tile that is deliberately hard for shoes to grip. The test is performed with water (the cause of most slips) and glycerol which is thicker and simulates oil. The operator stands upon the ceramic platform and they walk back and forth whilst increasing the angle of the inclination until the operator slips.


The test is performed a total of 6 times, with two operators and 3 different pairs of the same shoe to ensure fair testing. The 4 and 5* rated footwear achieved grip on both water and glycerol.


A combination of our passion, expertise and extensive research and development goes into designing our slip resistant footwear resulting in a comprehensive range including dress, safety and athletic shoes as well as wellington boots.


For that reason we've got the shoe to fit all job roles, from front of house personnel, factory workers, groundsmen, nurses to supermarket staff - we've got it covered. See some of the companies we serve.


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