Waiters: How to improve speed AND safety at work

Because your work involves a fast turnaround – or at the very least is fast-paced, to avoid accidents at work you need to literally think on your feet. But there are a few tips you can adopt and learn to ensure avoidance becomes second nature – and you could end up improving speed AND safety at work.


Be fit. Eat right.

Be aware

Be light on your feet

Be fit. Eat right.

Fatigue WILL slow you down. So munching your way through a bag of chips and pizza in front of the TV every night isn’t an option. Getting fit will make you feel better mentally as well as physically. Working on your core muscles will help reduce the strain on your back and eating healthier will keep you slim.


Try pastas, steamed veg and delicious salads…no really, salads can be delicious. Drink lots of water, as you’ll naturally become dehydrated during the day. You’ll feel fresher too, as sleep will be more natural. This all adds up to you picking up the pace, keeping up with the restaurant’s natural daily routine and staying alert and safe.



Be aware

When at home do you bump into tables, walls… people? On the rare occasion after a little too much to drink perhaps, but generally (we’re guessing) not. The reason is because you become used to your surroundings. You see them every day. Even at night, if you get out of bed for a drink of water chances are you don’t even switch on a light. And so it should be in the work environment.


Make time to survey your restaurant whilst it’s closed. Locate doors, condiments, menus and cutlery. It’s good to make a mental note of the table layout, too so you know the easiest and quickest way through. When you’ve mastered all this, you should also know where your colleagues would be positioned and hopefully, with some fine tuned choreography, you’ll waltz through your shift without any major catastrophes.




Be light on your feet

Footwear is key to safety, get it right and it can also be key to speed. We don’t mean don a pair of spiked trainers and get ready for a running track in your restaurant…no; it’s much simpler than that. If your feet are happy then all is good with the world. The right shoes should support your feet within a light, breathable, all-day comfy space.


They shouldn’t overly move, but ‘give’ a little for manoeuvrability. They shouldn’t collapse due to lack of support and they certainly shouldn’t be upside-down due to an ill-gripping sole. Get the right fit and the right grip, and you’ll be changing direction faster than a housefly.


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