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Tips for Choosing Shoes for Warehouse Workers

Warehouse workers spend a lot of time on their feet. Whether it’s walking or standing, your feet are at a greater risk of injury if you’re handling heavy objects, especially in a potentially hazardous workplace like a warehouse. Safety shoes are a must and need to be able to protect workers from the ground up. Here are useful tips for choosing the right shoes for warehouse workers.


We’ll cover:

Spill Protection


Many warehouses can feature the use of liquids, such as chemicals. In a fast-paced environment, it’s easy to miss potential spills which means you’re at a greater risk of slipping with ordinary footwear which can lead to further injuries.

The safety shoes you’re looking to buy should have spill protection elements as they give you the traction and support to stay safe and on your feet, even if the floor is wet. So, make sure they’re slip-resistant and it’s also beneficial to find a water-resistant pair.


Durability and Longevity


Choose a pair that's both durable and practical over fashion. Your feet will thank you for it. You might find big-name brand shoes or even cheaper alternatives that look the part, but you’ll find that they need replacing every few months. That’s a big danger of cheap alternatives. As the materials will be cheap, they’ll suffer damage easier and you’ll spend more for replacements.

Not only are you wasting more money in the long run, but they won’t feature heavy-duty materials that are needed when working in a warehouse environment so they can withstand any harsh conditions. Look for a durable pair that you can rely on, won’t suffer wear and tear easily and are fit for purpose each time.


Comfort Over Style


Again, you don’t need the best-looking shoes in a warehouse but you need a pair that is comfortable so you don’t suffer from sore feet and blisters - meaning you can stay on their feet all day.

For this, look at the materials that have been used. You might not realise it at the time but certain suppliers use foam compound materials to make every step lighter and your shoes feel a lot more comfortable than other pairs. Comfort is as important as safety because being on your feet all day with unsuitable footwear can lead to further hazards.


Safety Toe


Warehouse shoes should feature a safety toe so that workers’ feet aren’t in any danger. Shoes that feature a safety toe form a reinforcement around the toe area which protects the feet from falling objects and compression.

When searching for the right pair of shoes, look for this feature. Shoes that don’t include them are placing you in even more danger and can’t even be considered safety shoes. Protection includes steel, aluminium and composite materials.


We recommend ELEVATE81It provides a natural fit with a steel toecap, has a slip-resistant outsole and reduces the risk of tripping.


Safety Certifications


There can be so many dangers to think about when working in a warehouse. Falling objects, you being on your feet all day, slipping and more can lead to avoidable injuries. Make sure you’re protected by choosing safety shoes that have been awarded certifications to show they’re suitable.

For example, if a shoe you want is CE and S1 certified, it means it conforms with EU regulations and includes all the safety elements shoes for warehouse workers need, such as slip-resistance, safety toecaps, a closed and energy absorbing seat area and is both puncture and waterproof. That’s when you know you have the safest pair possible.


Tapered Outsole


Tripping over in a warehouse can be very dangerous, especially since you might be working near high shelves with heavy objects and on a concrete floor. To avoid the risk of tripping, look for safety shoes that feature a tapered outsole and is also clog-resistant.


We recommend Rocket 81. It’s a more lightweight option yet durable and super-safe. It’s water and puncture-resistant with a tapered sole to minimise the risk of tripping while keeping you comfortable on the job.


Find the Right Supplier


To get a pair of warehouse safety shoes that features all of the safety and comfort elements we’ve highlighted, they’re not going to be easy to find in regular stores. Instead, do some research and find a specialist supplier of work and safety shoes as they'll understand the different hazards you may face in the warehouse each day.

The right supplier will have shoes available that are comfortable, durable, long-lasting and safe to wear in the warehouse. While they might cost more, you can’t put a price on both comfort and safety.

At Shoes for Crews (Europe), our work shoes are designed with many safety and comfort elements, ranging from slip and puncture-resistance to tapered outsoles and steel or composite toecaps. They’re made from sturdy materials to give your feet additional protection and meet the highest safety standards available.

Find Out More About Warehouse Safety


To find out more information, download our free and in-depth guide on Warehouse Safety Standards for everything you need to know.

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