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Tips for Choosing Comfy Safety Boots for Warehouse Work

Shifts in a warehouse can often be long and physically draining. You’re constantly on the move on your feet, which over time can take its toll. The stress of being on your feet all day can lead to aches and pains in your feet, joints and even spread to your back - unless you have the right kind of support from your work shoes.


Suitable warehouse shoes often get overlooked, but they really shouldn’t do. Not only can the right footwear protect your feet and body from the risks and hazards of working in a warehouse, but they can also increase productivity and make shifts more enjoyable too.

The key features you need to look out when choosing comfortable safety boots for warehouse work are:




The best warehouse shoes are usually made from heavy duty and durable materials. The shoes made in this way are usually the ones that offer the most support and provide the most comfort for when you’re on your feet all day. Cheaper materials and alternatives will need replacing more often and could lead to problems with skin irritation due to the cheaper materials.

Durable materials are also far more suitable for warehouse work as they’re puncture proof and water-resistant too. Warehouses can throw up various hazards, so protection from these two are a minimum requirement. We recommend that you purchase long-lasting warehouse shoes that include plenty of safety elements to keep you safe and comfortable.

For added durability and safety, we recommend Elevate81.



Comfortable support is necessary as you’re going to be on your feet all day. Some warehouse shoes have the ability to let you customise your comfort, with arch support and removable insoles. By having suitable arch support, your feet can react to any required natural movement and won’t be exposed to any kind of pain.


If you’re constantly using unsuitable footwear, you’re going to do plenty of damage to your feet - perhaps even long-lasting. Warehouse shoes offer support and extra cushioning to support your shins, joins and back. Your feet will always be comfortable and will be protected from any potential damage that the wrong shoes may cause.




Warehouses sometimes stock products containing liquids. These can be corrosive if they come into contact with your skin, therefore you need the right protection from it.


Or, even water itself if it gets onto your feet can become irritable and rather uncomfortable, so protection from water is a minimum when it comes to your shoes repelling liquids. Having to walk around in the warehouse with wet socks isn’t comfortable and it’s also not a safe way to work.

If your preferred warehouse shoe is S3 certified, then you can be confident that you'll avoid any water hazards nor will you risk the effects of blistering and your shoes rubbing.

We recommend X1100N81. It’s S3 certified which means it’s water-resistant and also features plenty of other features that are guaranteed to keep you safe during the day. The shoes are the perfect natural fit, so you won’t have to worry about them being too slack or too tight on your feet.





As a warehouse worker, your feet need to be well ventilated. You’re going to be on your feet all day, so your feet will be prone to becoming too warm. The correct ventilation will help cool your feet down, which will also help stop them from smelling and releasing bad odours.

Warm and sweaty feet can cause discomfort. Look out for certified warehouse shoes that feature panels to help keep your feet cool throughout your shift.




Warehouse shoes are primarily designed to be safe, but this doesn’t mean they have to be clompy and heavy. If they were, this will only slow you down and potentially make your days less productive. Look out for warehouse shoes that have been designed in a lightweight fashion.

By having a warehouse shoe that is light, safe and comfortable, you’ll be able to move around the warehouse more freely during the day without having to drag around a heavy pair of boots. Lightweight shoes will not only make your work life easier, but it’ll release the pressure on your shins, ankles and back too.

For a lighter warehouse shoe, we recommend Rocket 81. It weighs a mere 558 grams (based on size 41) yet still offers maximum protection and extended comfort.


Find Out More About Warehouse Safety


As we’ve mentioned, warehouses can be dangerous places to work if they aren’t being run properly. Wearing the correct footwear is only one key way to protect staff from the different hazards that are apparent in a warehouse environment. 


But there are various other actions you can take to protect yourself and your co-workers too. That's why you need to understand the laws of warehouse safety and enforce them.


Download our free all-in-one comprehensive guide to find out everything you need to know about warehouse safety standards.


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