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FLASH SALE! Get 15% off all styles! Use code SALE15 at checkout! Hurry! Offer valid for 2 days only from 26th to 27th February!


The Best Shoes for Nurses on Their Feet All Day

It’s crucial for nurses to find the right pair of shoes to wear at work. Long shifts and stressful situations are challenging, so you need footwear which is comfortable, durable and made of materials that prevent you from slipping. 


All of the nursing shoes we have available are designed to meet all of those criteria, plus they’re also easy to clean which helps you to avoid any cross-contamination. Here are the best shoes for nurses who spend all day on their feet.


The Best Shoes for Nurses



Available for men and women, Condor has everything nurses need in a shoe. As a nurse, it's vital to wear shoes that are designed to support you when walking and running as you never know what will be required of you during your shift. 


Condor has important design features such as slip-resistant outsoles which provide excellent grip on slippery floors. This ensures you avoid any dangerous slips or trips which could cause potential injuries which prevent you from working. 


They also provide strong arch support which protects your feet, ankles and joints at work. This stops you from developing any possible long-term health problems which would also prevent you from carrying out your nursing duties. 


In regards to comfort, the removable insoles are easily replaceable when it's time to let them retire. This means you don’t need to buy brand new shoes for work which can often be the case with high street alternatives.


Old School Low Rider IV

Like Condor, Old School Low Rider IV is available for both men and women. It's one of our most popular shoes, thanks to the classic look and sleek design. These shoes are designed for comfort and safety, so they’re perfect for nurses who spend all of their time on their feet. 


The additional comfortable cushioning and removable cushioned insole are created with durable materials. This means they're comfortable - whether it’s your first time wearing them or your hundredth. 


The Tripguard feature and tapered outsole prevent you from any accidental slips or trips which could lead to a potentially serious injury. They’re also much easier to clean than some high street alternatives, so you’ll always look professional when starting your shift. 


Zinc and Radium

These two designs are ideal if you’re looking for comfortable nursing clogs. They’re lightweight and durable so they’re ready for any challenge you might face in your shift. Importantly, they’re water-resistant and easy-to-clean so they’re ready for the next day.


As you move across different surfaces, both Zinc and Radium will keep you on your feet thanks to the slip-resistant outsole and design. Unlike similar high street alternatives, they’re durable shoes which will continue to provide the same level of safety time after time. 




When searching for nursing shoes, you might be tempted to choose a pair of trainers from a popular high street brand. Although stylish, they aren’t equipped to deal with the many challenges and possible hazards you’ll face during each shift. 


For stylish shoes that don’t compromise on comfort or safety, choose Karina. These shoes feature a classic design that’s both stylish and professional. Plus, they provide all of the safety features you need to carry out your daily tasks without feeling discomfort. 


They’re lightweight with extra cushioning, so you’ll move freely without ever feeling weighed down. Karina is also slip-resistant, providing your feet and joints with support and ensuring you avoid any dangerous trips or falls.



Bridgetown was designed with athletic performance in mind. They’re one of the most comfortable slip-resistant shoes you can choose, so you’re always ready to give your best performance no matter how many hours you’ve been on your feet. 


The synthetic mesh with protective SpillGuard membrane keeps your feet dry and the TripGuard outsole protects you from slips and trips. 


These are just some of the shoes we have available at Shoes For Crews that are suited perfectly to nurses who are on their feet all day. Whether you’re at the start of your nursing career or you’re looking for your next challenge, we can make sure you’re ready with our free guide.


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