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The Best Shoes For Bar Work


How do you see yourself when you imagine yourself at work behind the bar? The way you look to customers behind the bar is vital to ensuring your bar comes across as a respectable venue and one in which they will look to return to. The key part of any bar person's outfit starts with the correct footwear. Wearing shoes that look good, are comfortable and most of all, keep you safe, is the only place to start when kitting yourself out for a long night! 



When you’re working behind the bar, you need your shoes to be comfortable, supportive and durable. We’ve written this blog post to show you the best shoes for bar work.


We have covered several features, so you can easily compare the styles and decide which pair is the best fit for you.




Long shifts in a fast-paced environment can lead to sore feet and working behind a bar can lead to issues with safety. There might be wet floors, broken glass and other dangers around you while you work. These issues can be made even worse if you’re wearing uncomfortable, inappropriate shoes.


To be prepared for these potential problems, you need non-slip, comfortable shoes, which provide you with maximum support. Wearing shoes which don’t fit you properly can cause possible pain and discomfort at work and long-lasting damage to your feet. 


Opt for styles like Liberty, which offer features like a padded collar and removable cushioned insole. 





If you’re looking for a sleek, sneaker style, try Old School Low Rider IV - which is stylish but simple in its design. Plus, it caters to both men and women. This model is ideal for avoiding the workplace injuries of slips and falls due to the spillages which come with bar work.


With a slip-resistant outsole and water-resistant leather upper, you can feel confident at work knowing your shoes are safe and protective.






Water-resistance is an essential quality to look for in shoes to wear when behind the bar - the last thing you want is any spillages seeping through to your feet!


Condor Black offers a more casual look and is a great choice for both fashion and practicality. The fashionable, sneaker-style design is perfectly paired with ideal comfort qualities and vital safety aspects such as extra cushioning, slip-resistant traction and water-resistance.








The Delray has a classic lace-up look. The traditional style and high-quality materials mean this shoe will last you through long and demanding shifts behind the bar. 


It boasts a slip-resistant rubber sole and water-resistant design. These safety features, combined with a tapered outsole to reduce the risk of tripping, mean you should be ready for any situation which may come your way.




Additional Safety Features



The above aspects are some of the main things to look for in a pair of suitable bartender shoes, but there are lots of other qualities you should think about. 


At Shoes For Crews Europe, we understand you want to find shoes which you feel suit you and your style but you also want to feel comfortable knowing they’re appropriate for your job. 


Bar work is physically demanding, therefore you need to ensure your footwear provides you with comfort and support. The safety, comfort and style features mentioned through this post aren’t often combined in footwear, but they can be if you look in the right place.


We provide a wide range of styles to suit these needs, with a number of important safety features, such as steel toe caps to protect your feet from falling, heavy objects and TripGuard to prevent accidents when moving between different floor surfaces. 


Click below to see more of our smart, slip-resistant bartender shoes.



Need Some Help Finding The Right Shoes For You?


Shoes for Crews have over 30 years of experience in supplying the best shoes for bar work. We’re determined to make sure you look good as well as feeling safe. 


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