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The 6 features dentist that makes dentist shoes great

As a dentist, you need supportive and reliable footwear. Standing on your feet for long periods at a time can be damaging to your feet and your back. To help protect your overall health, we've picked out the key features you should look out for when searching for the best dentist shoes to wear for work.



1. Arch Support

You can usually tell the difference when wearing cheap or high quality work shoes. Cheap shoes tend to lack any interior support. When it comes to the cheaper alternative, the manufacturer often focuses on the appearance of the shoe rather than the interior properties.


Arch support is very important when it comes to work shoes because the support helps to maintain the natural alignment of your feet and protects them from developing chronic conditions like plantar fasciitis. When choosing your next shoes, it's important to make sure they have arch support. Especially when you're standing for hours, your feet are going to suffer the most. You can protect the health of your feet by wearing shoes that give you plenty of support.



2. Comfortable Insoles

Along with support, you need comfort. 


Comfortable insoles in shoes are designed to cushion your feet when walking on hard surfaces and protect them from excess strain. It's beneficial to have work shoes that have removable insoles. Once your insoles are overworn, it's easier (and cheaper) to replace the insoles rather than buy a new pair of shoes.  


Removable cushioned insoles with extra heel support



3. Water Resistance or Waterproof

Even though you'll be spending most of your time inside a dental surgery rather than outside, it's useful if your shoes are water-resistant or waterproof. 


While it may not happen often, if patients spill mouthwash or there are splashes when using the ultrasonic scaler, it's worthwhile wearing shoes that will protect your feet from getting wet. 



4. Made From Durable & High Quality Material

When buying your dentist shoes, you obviously want them to last longer than 3 months. If you choose shoes that are made from high quality leather or rubber, then you can be confident they will last longer than a cheapter alternative.


Shoes that are more durable will be easier to clean and be more resistant to dirt and washing chemicals. It's important to keep your shoes clean when working in a healthcare environment.



5. Style

Style is an important feature. If you're wearing the same shoes to work everyday, you naturally want them to look nice. Who doesn't? 


Having stylish (or smart) shoes is beneficial when working with patients because it shows you care about your appearance and that you're wearing professional footwear.



6. Effective Slip-Resistant Grip 

Finally, one of the most important features to look for when buying dentist shoes, is slip-resistant grip.


Walking in a hospital or dental surgery has the risk of slipping or suffering a fall. While the floors are regularly cleaned, a single spill from a patient's drink can create a dangerous slip hazard. If you fall on a hard floor, you're at risk of suffering a serious injury. Wearing slip-resistant shoes greatly reduces the risk of you slipping on slippery floors. 


Zinc: slip-resistant lightweight shoes with massaging insoles




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