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The 5 best nursing shoes for women in healthcare: SFC Recommends

What makes a good pair of nursing shoes? Comfort, durability, safety, style and cost. These five features are important factors of a great pair of shoes for nurses.  So often, people prefer to buy cheaper shoes for work. It's understandable you don't want to buy expensive shoes for work. However, a cheaper choice means cheaper quality, and the shoes don't last as long. We've chosen five shoes that have the five important features that make them the best nursing shoes for women.





1. For a fast paced working environment: Vitality II 

Vitality II (24759) lightweight and flexible shoes: perfect for an active job role 


What makes Vitality a popular shoe is it looks like an ordinary trainer. Behind it's stylish appearance, there are all the features of a great nurse shoe.  


Vitality is a lightweight shoe, each shoe only weighs 255g. When you're working a ten-hour shift you don't want to be wearing big and clunky shoes. Heavy shoes put too much strain on your ankles and your heels. These shoes have a reinforced heel and a removable cushioned insole to give your feet extra support and comfort. 



2. Comfortable shoes with a casual style, Condor Women



Condor Women, lightweight shoes with maximum comfort


When you're working in the healthcare industry, you cannot always predict what will happen. Slip resistant Condor Women is fitted with SFC's Mighty Grip outsole for reliable resistance on slippery floors. Made with genuine leather, removable cushioned insoles and a padded collar, each area of Condor Women is designed to give the wearer plenty of comfort and support at work. 



3. For long hour shifts, the supportive Revolution II


Revolution II (29167) boasts exclusive Air Piston System Technology


Being on your feet for long hours doesn't just put stress on your feet and your back, your knees suffer a lot of stress too. Revolution's Air Piston technology absorbs kinetic energy to stop your knees and your legs suffering the consequences of a long and exhausting shift at work. 


Revolution has everything you need in a work shoe: leather exterior, cushioned insoles, arch support and slip resistance grip. 




4. Stylish and comfortable, the iconic Old School Low Rider IV


 Old School Low Rider IV (36320) stylish and supportive footwear for work


Who said work shoes have to be uncool? Our Old School Low Rider IV offers a smart and casual style which makes them one of our best nurse shoes for women. Made with genuine leather they are easy to clean and have a longer life expectancy compared to other shoes. Cushioned insoles and strong arch support makes them a popular choice for nurses. 



5. Excellent slip-on shoes with slip resistant grip, Zinc



Zinc (62138) offers extra comfort and support for your feet when you're on a long shift


When your attention is on the health of your patients, you can't worry about shoe laces. Eastside White shoes are easy to slip on (and they stay on). These are handy shoes when you have to change your scrubs regularly. Despite their casual appearance, they have everything you need in a work shoe: they're stylish, comfortable, supportive and have slip resistance tread.



Wear the best nurses shoes for work

As a nurse, you're expected to work long hours, and when you're working long shifts you need to wear the best work shoes. Wearing uncomfortable shoes is harmful to your health and you're at more risk of developing chronic foot pain conditions like plantar fasciitis.  


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Our work shoes are different to regular shoes


Shoes For Crews (Europe) Ltd shoes are specially designed for work. Our healthcare shoes have everything nurses and doctors need in work shoes. They're supportive, comfortable and reduce chances of accidents. Our work shoes are different to regular shoes. See what happened when we tested a pair of our shoes against a high street trainer:







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