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The 5 best nursing shoes for men in healthcare: SFC Recommends

Nursing and healthcare shoes are probably the unsung hero of the industry. They're your driver, your route from A-to-B and the thing that your delivery of care literally stands on. If you don't look after your feet with the right shoes, your comfort will suffer and you could even end up with niggling aches and strains - you're not supposed to be the one who needs looking after.


We have put together the 5 best nursing shoes for men that Shoes For Crews (Europe) Ltd can offer. Doctors, nurses, surgeons or whoever, you're all on your feet for a heroic stretch of time and you deserve the best healthcare shoes. Here is our run down of which shoes to choose.



1. For The Classic Casual Look; Old School Low Rider II


Here's a simple, casual style. Based on a classic, court trainer, the Old School Low Rider II is a firm favourite with those who want a plain, fuss free silhouette to go with their smart-casual look. It's also lightweight and low key.


Instead of being made of canvas as some high street versions are, these are a durable 100% genuine leather option, which is also water resistant. The lack of branding means a classic look which is timeless. The Old School Low Rider II includes an improved cushioned insole and flexible midsole for maximum comfort. They, of course, feature the patented SFC Mighty Grip slip resistant outsole underneath.


These are the perfect option for those healthcare professionals who need the safety and comfort of a purpose made, slip resistant shoe, but maybe spend some time at a desk so are afforded some flexibility when it comes to style and support.


Old School Low Rider II (4154) is a lightweight, classic style.


2. For The Extra Long Shifts; Eastside White


This is a shoe designed for those who spend all of their shift on their feet or perhaps sometimes need to change footwear. The Eastside shoe is a slip on design that still offers support and comfort by being designed to stay in place and offer continued support akin to a regular lace-up shoe.


The Mighty Grip outsole is combined with a lightweight midsole and removable insole - offering customisable options for those who want it. The padded collar offers additional support to the heel region, meaning that your calves and ankles will be looked after during that shift when you just don't get chance to sit down.


You will be able to concentrate on completing your work in comfortable safety.


Eastside White (6150) men's healthcare shoe.


3. For Extra Safety and Support; SFC Froggz Classic II

SFC Froggz Classic II is a popular clog to wear in healthcare. The internal design of the shoes are created to give you additional support when working long shifts. The pivotal strap benefits heel support and ensures your shoes are securely fitted to your feet.


The high grade EVA/rubber blend makes this a durable shoe suitable for active jobs.



 SFC Froggz Classic II: slip-resistant and supportive clogs


4. For The Ultra Active; Evolution White


Like a modern tennis shoe, the Evolution features air cushioning in the form of SFC's exclusive Air Piston heel support system. In addition to the shock absorbing outsole, there is also the SFC Might Grip tread, so comfort and safety are given equal importance.


If you travel large distances - maybe ward to ward or have large spanning rounds - then the Evolution is probably the one for you. The genuine leather upper and padded heel unit offer additional comfort, as does the option to remove and adjust the insoles.


Ideal for those who feel as though they cover a marathon (or two) during a single shift.


Evolution White (8128) with Air Piston sole unit.


5. Another Option For The Ultra Active; Condor Men


With a slightly more robust aesthetic than something like the Old School Low Rider II, the Condor Men is another option for those who cover miles and miles whilst they are at work.


The omission of the Air Piston system doesn't compromise on any comfort as there is still a removable (and therefore customisable) insole, a super-supportive padded heel unit and the most breathable upper accents on top.


The outsole features the patented SFC Mighty Grip sole, so this is a definite option for those who are particularly active whilst at work and enjoy a sporty look.


Condor Men (2312) slip resistant shoe with heel support.


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