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The 4 things to look for when buying new work shoes

How are your feet and back today? Well, if you’ve been on your 12-hour shift (or even longer) and on your feet throughout, then we’re guessing the answer to our question is probably “AAARRRGHH!”


If you work on your feet, shoes can be your friend or your enemy – here are four things to look for when buying new work shoes.



Pain? What’s to blame?


These pains and strains could be down to poor posture and lack of exercise but can also be reduced, sometimes even eradicated, simply by wearing the correct footwear. But what constitutes as correct? It’s this ignorance that encourages fashion footwear to become the shoes of choice whether waiting-on, chef or bar staff. Perhaps the bar or restaurant that you work in has a footwear policy and is likely to know what’s good for your feet, but if not, this decision is down to you.


There are four main attributes of a good ‘all-day-on-your-feet’ shoe:



Mentally, you may feel comfortable in your trendy trainers or awesome All Stars, but the truth is, they don’t tick all four boxes and so shouldn't be considered in the things to look for when buying new work shoes.



Real comfort on the house floor requires designs that cradle your foot in all directions. If you can you fit the audience of the Royal Albert Hall in your instep, then there’s a likelihood of you becoming flat footed. This will reduce the shock absorbing qualities of your foot and transfer the ‘jolt’ to your lower back. Support is your friend. We would suggest investing in some quality insoles to fill that gap.



Endurance II - Light, comfortable work trainer




You’re on your feet all day, probably on a hard, slippery surface so you need to be sure that your shoes are attached to the ground as surely as dried Weetabix on a bowl. Slip resistance is even more important where spillage is likely. Remember, grippy soles make happy souls.

Liberty - Work trainer with zone traction and TripGuard



According to the College of Podiatry, in a normal working day the working foot can travel up to 15 miles. So aside from ensuring your feet can take the mileage, so too should your shoes. After all, you don’t want to be trading them in after their first shift. You should be looking for tough yet supple leathers, durable soles and reinforced heels. A good quality work shoe should give you months of quality service if not more. If it doesn’t…walk away.

Zinc - Durable work clog that's easy to clean


Obligatory cap? Check! Obligatory branded blouse or shirt? Check! Smart skirt or trousers? Check! Obligatory apron or tabard? Check! Smart, comfortable, fit-for-purpose shoes? Hmmmm! The most important part of your uniform with regards to safety, health and comfort is usually the item most compromised upon. But there’s no need. There’s stylish footwear to be had and they’ll have all the other boxes checked too.



Executive Wing Tip III - Men's classy dress shoe with durable leather


Our slip-resistant work shoes tick all the boxes

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