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Shoes For Crews Recommends: Shoes For Chefs

Wearing the right shoes for work is important. Along with looking smart, the correct footwear can help your feet feel comfortable and keep you safe. Shoes For Crews has been making slip-resistant shoes for over thirty years. Our shoes possess the highest HSL grip rating, making them the best slip-resistant shoes in the business and we've created shoes for employees in all sorts of industries. From our experience we wanted to share what makes the best shoes for chefs. Chefs need to be ready for action at all times. Taking orders, preparing food and creating delicious meals means you will be on your feet for long hours so you need the right shoes for the job. Here is what you need to look for when buying your next pair of work shoes.





Chefs are the leaders, the innovators and the critical cog in the restaurant machine. Without the chef, there is no food, which means no business. Chefs play one of the most important roles in any restaurant and they're expected to deal with a lot of stress along with supervising the kitchen, getting orders completed on time and serving the best meals in town. 


As you're expected to be on your feet for long hours, you need shoes that are comfortable to wear and protect you from back ache. When you think of a chef, you instantly think of the white jacket and the toque blanche, but what do they need to wear on their feet? 






When buying your new chef shoes you need to make sure they're:

  • Smart - if you have aspirations to be head chef you need to look smart from head to toe. Your shoes need to be clean and well-kept every day.
  • Arch support - working for long hours on your feet can be damaging to your feet and your back, that's why it's important to wear shoes with good arch support.
  • Breathable - wearing the same shoes for long hours in a busy and active environment can make your feet feel hot and sweaty. You can avoid the heatwave in your shoes by getting shoes that breathe.
  • Water resistant - when working in a kitchen you're likely to see accidental spills and splashes everyday. Water resistant shoes can help keep your feet dry and protected. 
  • Slip-resistant - walking on slippy and greasy floors puts you in danger of becoming a victim of a slip or fall at work. Slip-resistant shoes reduce the chances of falling off your feet.



To get the best shoes for work, you need to buy chef shoes that incorporate all 5 of these factors. Looking smart, being comfortable and keeping your feet safe and dry is important when working in a kitchen. 


Here are the shoes we recommend for chefs:


SFC Froggz Classic II


SFC Froggz Classic II is a popular choice for chefs. This clog style has self-massaging insoles and the pivotal strap ensures it is securely fitted to your foot without putting excess strain on your heels. Made from high quality EVA/rubber blend, this is a lightweight style that has incredible slip-resistant grip. The water-resistant protections means it's easy to wipe down with a wet cloth. 




SFC Froggz Pro


If you like the Froggz Classic but want more coverage, then the SFC Froggz Pro is the solution. The enclosed heel gives your feet extra protection. Water resistant and stain resistant, these shoes are designed to keep your feet dry and they can be easily cleaned after you've finished your shift. Fitted with the SFC Mighty Grip slip-resistant outsole, this clog is prepared against all the hazards you can find in a working kitchen.






A comfortable and supportive slip-on style, Eastside provides all the support of a running shoe. As a chef, you're constantly moving around the kitchen and your feet need to be supported at all times. The cushioned incoles and padded collar help to protect your feet from any excess strain. 


Want to see more of our styles?







Are you looking for a new job?

We understand there are many chef jobs out there. So, to make it easier, we've created a Guide to All Chef Jobs. Our free guide outlines every chef job in the industry, it explains their responsibilities, salary expectations and much more. Use it as a roadmap for your career or learn more about chef jobs. Download your free copy.



Buying the right shoes for chefs is important for your appearance, your health and your safety. Now work from your feet up and make sure you are wearing the correct chef uniform for work

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