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Shoes For Crews: Grip Test Results

When choosing your next pair of work shoes, there are many different criteria you might consider to help you make your decision. In addition to comfort, style and durability, make sure to think about grip test results. They show how well a shoe performs on different surfaces and whether you’ll need to worry about slips, trips and falls. 



Let’s take a look at the results of Bridgetown, part of the Shoes For Crews range and why it’s so important to find the right shoe for your specific role. 


The Results: Bridgetown

Our shoes were tested under controlled conditions by TUV Rheinland® LGA Products GmbH. Our patented slip-resistant outsole was put through four tests, measuring the coefficient of friction on each surface. 0.0 is the absence of friction (a slip) and 1.0 is ‘very high friction’ (eg. dry carpet).


Bridgetown meets double the industry standard for safety measures against ceramic tile

flooring - with and without cleaning agents. Plus, it also does the same against steel surfaces - with and without cleaning agents.


On a forward flat slip test on steel plate floors with glycerine, the Bridgetown scored .48 with a .18 minimum standard. On a heel test, the shoe was rated .43 versus the .13 minimum standard. 


What do these results mean for your industry? Well, it means you’re protected from slips, not just on ideal, clean, dry surfaces but under any conditions.


Like many of the work shoes we provide, Bridgetown is designed with a range of features to keep you safe and comfortable. 


  • Water-Resistant - the materials have been treated to repel liquids.
  • Extra Cushioning - coated natural material encasing the foot above the sole. 
  • Removable Insole - the insoles are removable to allow for custom replacements. 
  • Natural Fit - a standard fit for most sizes of feet, keeping the wearer comfortable. 
  • Lightweight - a lightweight foam compound that makes each step lighter. 
  • Ventilated - strategically placed mesh panels to keep feet cool. 
  • SpillGuard - a protective membrane that creates a barrier against hot liquids. 
  • Vegan - Bridgetown wasn’t tested on animals and doesn’t contain any animal products.
  • TripGuard - tapered toe decreases trip hazard when moving between floor surfaces. 
  • Clog-Resistant - wider spaced traction lugs that limit the amount of debris stuck in the outsole.
  • Slip-Resistant Outsole - specially designed to prevent slips, trips and falls. 


Finding the Right Shoes

Consider your current pair of work shoes. Are they created with the features mentioned above? If they aren’t properly ventilated, for example, then you’re more likely to develop hot feet and blisters. 


It only takes a few blisters for your shift at work to be very uncomfortable. If you’re distracted by sore feet, then your work performance may suffer as a result. To carry out your work to the best of your ability, you need to wear shoes that are comfortable when worn for long periods. 


Shoes that include extra cushioning and removable insoles are perfect if your role involves long shifts on your feet. If you’re a nurse, waiter, bartender or something similar, then you need footwear that will offer the support and protection you need. 


Millions of workdays are lost due to workplace accidents and injuries. It’s important to understand how important it is to wear the safest possible footwear to work. 


Slip-Resistant Shoes From Shoes For Crews

At Shoes For Crews, we want to reduce the number of avoidable workplace injuries by keeping you safe at work. We don’t want you to miss a work day from preventable accidents; that’s why we create the safest shoes you can buy. 


We’re committed to bringing workers home safe each day by protecting those in industries most affected by hazardous slips, trips, and falls at work. We manufacture footwear that goes above and beyond the minimum safety standards. 


All slip-resistant and PPE footwear must meet and be tested against the core ISO standards, which is the International Organization for Standardisation. It’s the absolute industry standard and we take these standards seriously. 


We design footwear that far exceeds the basic measure to make sure everyone is safe whilst wearing our shoes. We’re proud to release test results because we know all of the shoes we create surpass industry standards.


Download Our Buying Guide

We know how difficult it can be to concentrate on work when you’re distracted by uncomfortable footwear. It’s vital you find work shoes that will keep you on your feet at all times, giving your joints the support they need as you work. 


Download our buying guide now and find the perfect pair of work shoes to suit you. It’s completely free and is packed with recommendations and advice that will help. Choose Shoes For Crews for your next pair of work shoes and stay safe and comfortable during even the longest of shifts. 


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