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See who we serve: Companies who buy Shoes For Crews

Did you know the most common cause of injury for workers is slips and trips? Although this is the most common, it's also the most preventable. If your employees are wearing the correct footwear at work, you can reduce the chances of falls in the workplace. At Shoes For Crews we've been protecting people's feet since 1984. For over thirty years our shoes have been helping to keep people safe at work. Our slip-resistant shoes have been worn by crews all around the world because they are trusted to protect feet and keep people standing.  We aren't just full of talk, we walk the walk too, just look at some of the customers we serve.



We sell our shoes to individual buyers and we also sell our shoes to commercial companies. Over the years we have built a reliable reputation. If your employees work in a fast paced environment where they are on their feet most of the time, they need durable slip-resistant shoes.


Have a look at some of the companies who buy Shoes For Crews:





Aramark offers food services to businesses, educational establishments and health care institutions. 


When creating high quality food on a large scale, your chefs need to be working fast. They require comfortable and supportive footwear. Whilst working in a kitchen, chefs are at risk of slipping on spills, dropping hot liquids and dropping heavy and sharp objects - their feet are at a constant risk. For Aramark we offered the right shoes chefs need when working in a fast paced environment. 


Burger King

Burger King


Burger King is a leading global chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. 


In fast food restaurants, employees have to work on their feet for long hours as they work at the grill, prepare food and complete customers' orders. When Burger King bought our SFC shoes, they wanted shoes that offered strong support, comfort and slip resistance. 




Kentucky Fried Chicken is a fast food chain which specialises in fried chicken.


Just like many fast food restaurants, working behind the counter can be very busy work. As employees work fast to dangerous hazard. At KFC our slip-resistant shoes helped to reduce accidental falls and keep feet feeling comfortable throughout the day.


Krispy Kreme UK Ltd





Krispy Kreme





Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is a global company who create delicious original and assorted doughnuts.



When working with food in a production facility, employees need to wear comfortable and protective shoes to keep their feet safe against heavy objects. When Krispy Kreme came to us they wanted a slip-resistant shoe but they also wanted a shoe that offered quality and durability. 


Especially when working around food, you need to wear shoes that are easy to clean so you can meet health and safety regulations. 





The largest worldwide chain of fastfood restaurants.


Staff at McDonalds are required to work on their feet and need comfortable footwear that will protect their feet as they walk in and out of the kitchen. When working in a busy area, you need slip-resistant shoes that will keep you on your feet through your long shift. McDonalds branches throughout Europe use SFC shoes.


Mitchells & Butlers



Mitchells and Butlers




Mitchells & Butlers runs over 1,6000 pubs, bars and restaurants throughout the UK. 


For employees who work behind a bar they need the correct uniform to keep them safe at work. The risk of broken glass and accidental spills means you need the best shoes for work. Mitchells & Butlers needed slip-resistant shoes to keep their employees safe during their shifs.









Supermacs is an Irish fast food chain of restaurants.


Waiters and waitresses require slip-resistant shoes as part of their compulsory work uniform. Walking from the kitchen to the dining area means they are at more risk from slips and trips at work. When Supermac's contacted us they required shoes that were comfortable for employees working long shifts.


Companies who buy Shoes For Crews can choose from a range of styles depending on the duties of their employees.


What makes Shoes For Crews the best shoes for your crew?

Footwear by Shoes For Crews are proven to help reduce slips at work. Our shoes are suited for many business sectors. Crews in food service, hospitality, industrial, healthcare, schools and supermarkets are wearing our slip-resistant shoes.



Our slip-resistant shoes have been awarded the highest rating by the Health and Safety Laboratory



Smart and casual, the Delray is an excellent shoe which is popular in food service, hospitality and supermarkets. The casual style is loved by the wearer and they still look smart for work. As they are water resistant, slip-resistant and comfortable for jobs on your feet, they are suitable for many working environments.


View more of our slip-resistant shoes in our shop:






Not sure which shoes are best for you?

Use our buying guide to discover the best shoes for your working environment. Your business can soon join the list of companies who buy Shoes For Crews.


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