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Safe Warehouse Practices That Actually Make You Feel Better

There’s no denying that warehouses can be hazardous places to work in. Lots of workers like yourself moving about, high racking, heavy objects and machinery are just some of the things that can create many risks.


However, that doesn’t mean putting warehouse safety practices into place is difficult. We’ve listed some quick and easy tips that you can quickly turn into habits when in the warehouse.


Although safety measures like safety signs are important, they’re expected in every warehouse. Instead, consider the following as well:


Wear Safe Shoes


Knowing you have safe footwear to rely on when it comes to facing dangers in the warehouse is a safety practice you should implement right away. Although hazards like spills should be dealt with immediately, they can be easy to miss so the easiest and most effective way to combat that is by wearing safety shoes.


Clearly, this is one that will make you feel better as you won’t have aches, pains or even blisters once the long shifts are over. Warehouse safety shoes are created with slip-resistant materials to prevent common accidents like slips, trips and falls.


Normal work shoes don’t offer that level of safety. The materials on the upper are usually cheap and can be easily punctured, they’re not the best fitting, they won’t be able to repel liquids and you’re more prone to tripping in dangerous environments.



We recommend Rocket 81. This stylish shoe features safety elements from steel toecaps right through to slip, clog, water and puncture-resistance to minimise risks of slipping.


Help Shape Regular Training


Training is necessary throughout the warehouse, from how to lift heavy objects to using machinery like forklifts. However, nobody knows more about the day-to-day involvement of warehouse work than you, so change the way you approach warehouse safety and help shape regular training programmes for the workforce yourself.

This not only shows the manager that you want to get involved but it also acts as a chance to implement the training you and the rest of your team want so you can always stay safe.


Plus, getting involved in shaping regular training programmes means you can still add an element of fun in there to help make your shifts more enjoyable.


Promote PPE Maintenance


Wearing clothing that doesn’t fit you correctly is both frustrating and can also be extremely dangerous. Plus, you might also lose motivation if you’re entering the warehouse every day to wear PPE that is either broken or dirty. A clean uniform and PPE means you’ll be more motivated to get the job done.

It also means you’re always going to be safe without worrying about whether your equipment will be able to protect you from the risks of the warehouse, such as poorly-maintained shoes making you more prone to slips, trips and falls.

This is something your colleagues can get involved in - so change everyone’s mindset by setting the example and showing pride in the uniform and PPE you wear. The rest can follow your example.


For long-lasting safety shoes, we recommend the Advance81. This style is made from heavy-duty materials and features a superior slip-resistant outsole. As it’s CE and S1 certified, it’s a reliable option, thanks to steel toecaps and energy-absorbing seat areas.


Take Enough Breaks


A big way to approach warehouse safety is to actually dedicate enough time in taking enough breaks so you can recover throughout your shift. By having a comfortable break area for you to relax in, you can unwind and recharge so that you’re raring to go for the rest of your shift.

Your body won’t become overworked or develop long-term health problems. Use it as a chance to have lunch, relax and stretch so that you’re not adding extra stress on your muscles.


Promote Awareness


You and your colleagues have to rely on each other to keep each other safe. It’s always good to know that they’re looking out for you when moving around and lifting heavy objects or operating forklifts, for example.


Go one step further and create a culture of promoting awareness by communicating regularly, such as being vocal and shouting out where necessary.

This can quickly become a habit and a trend for others to follow. It encourages you to make everyone constantly aware of surrounding hazards and they’ll do the same. You’ll always be aware of what’s around you, how the risk can impact you and your colleagues while this culture of promoting awareness will ensure you avoid any incidents.


Is Your Warehouse a Safe Place to Work?


Safety shoes, promoting awareness and all of the other tips we’ve highlighted are just some of the steps you need to take to stay safe while working in the warehouse. If you’re worried about the current safety levels at your warehouse, then you’ll benefit greatly by downloading our free eBook.

It’s full of useful information about how you can stay safe in the warehouse, accident statistics, safety points to consider, the importance of safety shoes, how to pick them, dealing with injuries and much more.

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