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Our Favourite White Safety Shoes Food Industry Workers Love

When working within the food industry, there are various job roles that throw up all sorts of different hazards and risks. This is why you need to be wearing the correct safety shoes to protect you from the different dangers and ensure that you can do your job as efficiently as possible.


Here are our favourite white safety shoes that not only our team love, but our customers love too and why they’re the best shoes for the job out there.


We’ll cover:




Working in a kitchen can be pretty intense, so you don’t need anything else to get in the way of your stresses. Especially not sore feet. So, make sure that the shoes you choose provide the right support to keep you comfortable on your feet for lengthy periods of time.

We recommend the stylish Karina. The removable cushioned insole is sure to keep you and your feet happy during your long shifts.

Sore feet can be extremely uncomfortable, both at work and at home. It can even result in workers not being as productive as they should be and not working as efficiently. The Flex Tread outsole is flexible, keeping your shoe moving the way that your foot does for extra comfort.






Condor is the perfect slip-resistant shoe that you’ll need to stay on your feet in the kitchen. With lots of food and liquids being present, there’s a hazard around every corner in kitchens, particularly slippery floors. If you’re having to worry about slipping over and staying on your feet, you’re not going to do your job as well as you can.


Condor will protect you in the kitchen and will be kinder on your joints and body, making your shift easier.




Shifts in kitchens or front of house are usually long and gruelling, so you need a shoe that’s going to be able to keep up with the demand of that. Evolution II is sure to meet all of your durability needs when it comes to safety shoes.


Evolution II is easy to clean, which is vital for a professional look and hygiene reasons if you’re working with food. Working with dirty shoes can lead to a bad impression and can have a negative effect on the cleanliness of your kitchen.

The ventilation in these shoes will keep your feet at an optimal temperature and allow them to breathe. If your feet are sweaty and too hot, the chances of your shoes rubbing and forming blisters will unfortunately increase. This will obviously have an impact on how well you do your job.




Being on your feet all day in a busy restaurant or cafe can be draining and can often leave your feet, joints and back aching if you don’t have suitable footwear. You need a shoe that is going to offer arch support and is fitted with extra cushioning to really provide the support you need.

Old School Low Rider IV is the perfect shoe for many different job roles. The shoe comes with a removable insole and an extra double thick insole with deep cushioning that will provide your feet with more than sufficient support.

These shoes can easily take you from work to play, thanks to the classic sneaker look which makes for a clean, professional appearance.




Hot feet will start to sweat and become even more uncomfortable, potentially forming blisters. Ventilated shoes allow your feet to breathe and protect against this.


Revolution II is designed with a mesh upper that is guaranteed to keep your feet comfortable and cool. These mesh panels also stop your feet from smelling bad, helping to prevent bad odours.




Whether you’re a waiter, waitress, head chef, outside caterer or front of house in a top restaurant, your job will be made easier with a suitable, lightweight shoe. As you’re going to be on your feet for long periods of time, the last thing you need is a heavy pair of shoes that are going to hold you back and stop you from doing your job as well as you possibly can.

You’re likely to be dashing around in any job role in the food industry, so you’re going to need a lightweight pair of shoes that are going to make this easier for you.


Falcon II is a multi-tasking shoe that protects you from the many hazards of working in the food industry. Its lightweight design won’t hold you back from working as quickly and efficiently as you can during busy periods.

Learn More About Warehouse Safety


It’s not only restaurants and cafes in the food industry that need protecting from the various hazards that their workplace throws up. Food production warehouses can be particularly dangerous places to work and there are lots of hazards that workers will need protecting against.


If you’re not sure what you need to be as protected as possible, download our free comprehensive warehouse safety guide below.

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