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Mistakes Waiters Make When Looking For Comfortable Shoes

As a waiter, you’re on your feet for over 8 hours at a time. You’re constantly active, going back and forth between tables, the kitchen, the bar, the till, the entrance... Just listing all the things waiters have to do is tiring. It’s a tough job which takes its toll on your feet. You can suffer from continual foot pains and muscle spasms long after your shift has ended. And if you need to work for more than 2 days in a row, you’re sure to be in agony. Unless, that is, you invest in some comfortable shoes, designed specifically for your job.




Finding the perfect pair of shoes to support you through those arduous hours can be a serious struggle if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Here are some common mistakes waiters make when looking for comfortable shoes which will help guide you to the purchase that’s right for you.

Style Is Considered More Important Than Safety

People who work as waiters face numerous hazards on a daily basis. From cuts from broken glass, noise exposure, and back injuries from lifting, you need to consider the injuries you may face and how to avoid them. Many waiters don’t take this element into consideration when browsing for comfortable shoes but, in actuality, it’s the most important factor to consider. Slips, trips, and falls are the most common workplace injuries and the risk is even higher as a waiter due to the number of spills that occur throughout the day. Plus, the fact that most restaurants, cafes, and bars have shiny, hard flooring only increases your chances of falling or slipping.

Specially designed safety, slip-resistant shoes for waiters are the best way to combat this and it won’t sacrifice comfort. These help protect you from falls due to their slip-resistant soles. When looking for the perfect pair of shoes for your job, you need to think about the safety aspects of your workplace. With SHOES FOR CREWS' newly designed shoes, you don't need to sacrifice style for safety. Our shoes accommodate your three key needs: safety, fashion, comfort.

Actually Cleaning The Shoes Is The Last Thing On Your Mind

You should consider how easy it is to clean your shoes when working as a waiter. You’re at risk from spills from water, oil, foods, drink, and so much more. And while all that’s being spilled on the floor and onto your shoes, you need to look smart and professional throughout your shift. This often means chucking them in the washing machine and dryer every night, which just isn’t a viable
long-term solution. You’ll need to make sure your shoes are easy to clean with just a simple wipe, while also water-resistant, so you’re not drudging around with beer in your shoes after ‘that’ customer knocked it off the table.

Considering How Long A Cheap Pair Of Shoes Is Going To Last

Most people don’t think about shoe life - how long your shoe will stay in good condition for. They might be comfortable but most shoes you buy off the high street aren’t designed to be walked around in for 8 hours every day, so you’ll find that these deteriorate quickly. We’re talking mere weeks before the soles begin coming apart. Purchasing shoes that were built to be stood on for hours on end means that your shoes will last a really long time, which is a great investment. 

You May Not Realise There Are Shoes Designed With Waiters In Mind

Shoe technology. It’s a thing. At least in the type of shoe you want. There are many new types of design and technology that go into a really comfortable and safe waiting shoe, designed specifically with your job in mind. These technologies focus on slip-resistance, comfort, protection from spills, tread, ventilation, and so much more. If when you go to purchase your work shoes, they can’t tell you about the technology that has gone into them, and the many ways they are designed to be comfortable and safe, then they’re not the right shoes for you.

Smartness Factor - Not Finding Out What Is Required

Many restaurants have a formal dress code, which makes it a bit tricky to find comfortable shoes. When you think of comfy shoes, usually a pair of trainers or canvas-type shoe come to mind, not black, formal shoes which just make you think of blisters. While you really need comfort throughout your shift, you can’t let smartness fall to the wayside. The last thing you need after a shift is your manager calling you in to talk about your shoes.


Some restaurants don't have a formal dress code and would be happy for you to wear a trainer style shoe. Some places require you to wear reinforced toe cap shoes to safeguard against falling objects. When looking for a new pair of work shoes, the best thing you can do is find out what you're required to wear. And what you're not.

These points may seem like a tall order but it is possible to find a really comfortable pair of shoes which look smart, are designed with your job in mind, are long-lasting, easy to clean, AND have so many great safety features.

Avoid Any Further Mistakes, Choose From Our Range Of Slip Resistant Waiter Shoes!

SHOES FOR CREWS (EUROPE) LTD. have designed shoes just like this, and there are many different designs and styles to choose from. They’re a perfect investment to make sure you have everything you need throughout your shift and then get you home safely, too.

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Technology Designed With You In Mind

Our shoes are jam-packed with the latest technologies which bring you the optimal balance of comfort and safety. We consider your profession and the daily tolls it takes on you and your feet, which the average high street pair of trainers does not. 


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