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KFC on a plane? 7 Fast food innovations we can't wait to try

Having a fast food business means you're part of a very competitive industry. Sometimes, it feels like every week, fast food companies are releasing new innovations to tempt customers into their restaurants. Some of these look incredible. So, we've collected some of our favourite fast food innovations we can't wait to try. (Spoiler: this will make you hungry!)



1. Starbucks Office Coffee 

Love Starbucks? But you don't always have time to leave the office to buy your favourite venti caramel macchiato. Then get a Starbucks machine for the office. 




Designed for easy convenience and for coffee lovers, the Starbucks machine offers popular flavours. The premium self-service is great for businesses who have clients visiting regularly or employees who just love coffee. 



2. McDonald's build your burger and all-you-can-eat fries

Currently still in the planning stages, we can see this fast food innovation taking off. 


McDonald's will be testing a new restaurant that invites customers to personalise their burger orders to meet exactly what they want. If you want salad on your burger without tomato then that's easy. You can create your own order without looking like you're being difficult.


Customers can select their orders and then find a seat whilst their food is being made to their exact preferences. 


There are rumours all-you-can-eat fries will be available too.



This future transformation definitely shows how McDonald's is looking to serve to a modern audience.


McDonald's will be trialing this new method in Missouri later this year. 



3. Nando's sauces

This spice innovation has been around for a while but it's still incredible. Nando's Portuguese peri-peri chicken continues to be popular, along with its variety of sauces. Although this may be disputed amongst Nando's fans, their sauce is what makes the restaurant chain so popular with customers.


Nando's started selling its sauces in supermarkets so their customers can enjoy the sauce at home. This was a smart business move!





Other fast food companies are also taking their top secret sauces to the shelves:

  • This year, McDonald's started selling its Big Mac sauce (but only released a limited number of bottles).


4. McDonald's customise your own coffee



In a bid to tempt more coffee lovers, McDonald's has created a 'craft your perfect cup'. The new coffee kiosk gives customers the chance to make their coffee to their own liking. They can customise their own cappuccinos, mochas and lattes to their own preferences.


How many times have you ordered a coffee and it's not the way you wanted it? This kiosk lets customers take control and create the coffee they want. 


At the moment, McDonald's is only testing this gadget in two locations in Chicago to see how to performs. 



5. Secret Menu Items

Have you heard of secret menu items? You're not a fast food fan until you know what secret menu items are. In the UK, McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and Nando's have secret foods available. 


Depending on the employees serving you, they can offer their popular secret dishes or you can make your own meal. 



KFC's secret Poutine: french fires and cheese with KFC gravy



At KFC, they have #HackTheMenu, secret menu items include bacon, mashed potato and gravy, and build your own options.



6. KFC on a plane 


Sounds a bit random but delicious too! 


However, if you're looking to get KFC on any flight, the only airline who offers this is Japan Airlines from November to February. This invention apparently comes from a story where some tourists in Japan could not find any turkey at Christmas so they went to KFC. The KFC company took this idea and made it a festive tradition.




KFC chicken bites, with coleslaw, pastry and chocolate cake, all it's lacking is the gravy. 



7. Deliveroo


In the UK, JustEat and HungryHouse, have made ordering fast food an easy breeze. Now, there has been another online ordering company who has joined the ranks: Deliveroo.




If you fancy more gourmet meals compared to a chicken tikka kebab or 9" margherita pizza, then Deliveroo gives you the option. With top restaurants like Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Ping Pong, gourmet delivery means you can enjoy delicious meals without having to eat out.



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