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Invest in Quality: Why you need the BEST slip resistant shoes

It's normal to try and save money wherever possible. When you go shopping and decide to buy the cheaper version of your favourite chocolate, it might have a similar appearance but you can tell it's made from cheaper and lower quality ingredients which can leave an unsavoury aftertaste. When buying new work shoes, it's important not to sacrifice quality in exchange for a cheaper price. Cheap shoes aren't as durable, not as comfortable and often have little or no slip resistance grip. This is why you need to invest in the best slip resistant shoes so you can have the best shoes for work.




When it comes to buying a new pair of work shoes, some people prefer to buy cheaper footwear. Although they will likely have to buy a few replacement pairs over one year, they think it's better making smaller payments over the year instead of one bigger payment for one pair of shoes. However when you add the multiple pairs, you'll see the mutiple purchases will cost more than the single purchase. 


And despite the bigger cost of buying more shoes, they don't have the longevity of your single purchase. We understand the price tag can often sway you when buying anything. This is why you should spend a little extra time doing your research to find out exactly what you're paying for. 


Best slip resistant shoes = High quality safety shoes

When it comes to shoes, some styles of shoes are expensive just because they were designed by a high street label whilst others are expensive because they were made from high grade materials. Shoes made from higher grade rubbers and fibres will have a higher price tag but that's because they're high quality products. 


You shouldn't sacrifice quality when it comes to safety. You wouldn't buy a car with cheaper brakes so why would you buy shoes without slip resistance? Here is why you should be in investing in your workplace safety.


Why you should invest in a pair of slip resistance shoes for work? 


1) Longer durability

Aristocrat is made from high quality leather and rubber


If your shoes are made from high quality leather and materials, you know they will last longer than shoes made from cheaper fabrics. When you're paying for work shoes, you want them to last longer than a few months and that can be accomplished by investing in higher quality shoes. 


2) Extra comfort

Buying durable shoes means you're also buying shoes that will stay comfortable for longer. Over time the insoles and arch support degrade and these are the important parts of a shoe when it comes to comfort. You might think a simple pair of flat shoes would be fine for work, however they could be doing as much damage to your feet as a pair of high heels!


When working for long hours on your feet, you need to buy quality shoes with arch support to protect your feet from long term damage. 


3) Trusted slip resistant grip

When you're doing your research to find the best shoes for work (here are the features you need for happy feet), you'll come across many different shoe companies saying they have the best slip resistance shoes. But what does their HSL rating say? This rating identifies how effective the shoes are at reducing slips and falls at work.



At Shoes For Crews we have the highest HSL rating meaning our slip resistant shoes are reliable and effective at reducing accidents at work. 


4) Avoiding long term pains

Have you ever come home from work and had pain in your feet? How about in your knees or in your lower back? Then it's possible your shoes are to blame. Failing to wear the right shoes for work is damaging to your health and can cause long term damage. But if you invest in the right work shoes you can look after your feet. Unlike a pair of shoes, you only ever have one pair of feet, they need to be looked after!



 Got achy feet? Try these foot care tips:


5) It will benefit your work performance



Wearing shoes that pinch, irritate and make your feet ache, are the worst when you've got a job that demands you to be on your feet for almost ten hours. If you buy the best shoes for your job role, you can work comfortably because the shoes you're wearing are purposefully designed for what your feet need. Wearing the right shoes can keep you concentrating on your job. When you're trying to impress your boss, you don't want to be getting irritated because your shoes are pinching your toes.


6) You will actually SAVE money!

In the long run, buying one pair of high quality shoes is cheaper than buying multiple pairs of shoes. The best slip resistant shoes will have longer durability so you can wear the same work shoes for longer because they won't need replacing as often as a pair of cheap shoes. 


Waiters and waitresses can be actively working for up to eight hours or more, so wearing the same shoes for more than eight hours for five days a week puts your shoes under all sorts of stress. You can see the damage for yourself on a cheap pair of shoes. Cheap plastic gets scratched and stretched, the effectiveness of the sole declines and the look of the shoe becomes dull.  When working with customers your shoes need to look smart. One pair of high quality shoes will stay looking smart and professional for longer, compared to a pair of cheap shoes that need to be replaced every other month. 


Buy the best shoes for work 

We understand spending money on work shoes isn't a high priority on your list when there are so many other things you want to treat yourself to. But if you're planning to stay in the same job role long term and want to impress your boss by wearing the correct gear for work, investing in high quality shoes will show your employer you mean business. And most important of all, the best slip resistant shoes will reduce your chances of having any accidents at work.


Shoes For Crews have been awarded the highest safety rating for our shoes. Have a look in our shop to see our styles!





Although you might be tempted to just use your favourite high street shoes for work. Wait a moment, and have a look at what happened when we tested a high street trainer against one of own popular slip-resistant shoes:




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