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Introducing Our New Sole! SFCE Tech

We already have the best safety shoes on the market with outperforming slip-resistant shoes, but we decided to improve even further! We didn't invent the work shoe. We obsessed over it. Our entire collection has been re-imagined, then rebuilt, with one thing in mind: your safety.



Our shoes are now stamped with a Shield of Safety, meaning that we don’t outsource safety. We own it. You’ll know you’re safe in a glance. We have some of the best safety features in the industry; we will not only ensure your safety, but also your comfort. From bakers to catering staff to hospitality staff to medical professionals and more, we have a shoe designed with your specific needs in mind.

We developed a new approach to the shoe sole, and we have introduced a number of new technologies to help you stay safe at work: Shoe Traction, Tripguard, Spillguard, Flex Treat, and Hoverlite.


1) Shoe Traction 

Shoe Traction is specialised slip-resistant grip on the soles of the shoe. We understand every job is different so our chef shoe styles have specific traction zones that differ from waitress styles or medical industry styles. Each person in these industries walks and works differently in the workplace, so they need different shoe traction to meet their needs.




2) Tripguard 

Our designs with Tripguard technology have lugs with a slight curve, making it easier for you to move from slippery surface to carpet and rugs safely. In a traditional shoe, big lugs at the front of the shoe can create a trip hazard, and since workplace safety is one of our main concerns, we designed special lugs that work with your movement. This technology works best for those in the catering industry, restaurant industry, or hospitality industry - anyone who moves between different surfaces. Take a look at our shoes with Tripguard protection.



3) Spillguard 

For those in catering, restaurant, medical, laboratory, or hospitality industries, spills can be hazardous. With our Spillguard technology engineered into the linings or material overlays of our shoes, a membrane protects your forefront from hot liquids and spills. Bakers and chefs may have pots boiling over, which can be a slip hazard, but also a foot hazard! Spillguard helps protect against burns. Medical and laboratory chemical spills can be dangerous and Spillguard will offer a level of protection from those liquids too. Those in the hospitality industry may have to venture in and out of the hotel, for example, in torrential downpours so having a level of spill protection can benefit you and help you stay safe as you move in and outdoors. Check out our styles with Spillguard.


4) Flex Tread 

Flex Tread works with your foot, not against it. The outsoles mimic your foot’s natural movement so your shoes are in step with you. If your shoes often give you blisters, then they’re working against you! Flex Tread provides extra comfort so your shoe doesn’t slip around - causing undue foot sores and pain. Take a look at our styles with Flex Tread.




5) Hoverlite 

We have an engineered foam compound to make our shoes extra light. Hoverlite removed 100 grams with each step, so for an eight-hour shift, the pressure will be off your legs, knees, and joints, making you comfortable and safe. For doctors, nurses, and medical professionals who move all day in the wards, Hoverlite will save your feet. Those in the catering and hospitality industry will benefit from lighter shoes too. Taking stairs, lifts, and cleaning rooms can be back-aching business, but lighter shoes can make all the difference. It’s amazing how much extra work your body has to do with heavy shoes! So take a look at our styles with Hoverlite.


Still unsure about what type of shoe you need?

Check out one of our most popular shoes which has every single one of our new technologies included: The Bridgetown.


The Bridgetown


Our Bridgetown shoe has many features. Such as it’s vegan and eco friendly. It’s water-resistant to protect against liquids, spills, and rainwater, but it also has Spill Guard to protect your forefoot from hot spills if needed. It has a natural fit with a removable insole to make room for custom insoles. In order to provide maximum comfort, the Bridgetown has extra cushioning with our new insole technology and cushion construction. It also has the foam compound, Hoverlite, to relieve pressure on your ankles.


The shoe is clog-resistant,the wide traction lugs help prevent debris from getting wedged into the shoes. This special shoe has Trip Guard, Shoe Traction, and Flex Tread so you’re not only safe, but also comfortable!  Our remarkable design means that this shoe can last all day at work and then it can continue with you to the gym, or even an evening out.




Need help ordering for people in your industry? Check out our new guide:


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