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How to Write the Perfect Cover letter for Pastry Chef/Pâtissier

Applying for a job to be a pastry chef (or pâtissier)? Increase your chances of getting the job interview and impressing your future employers by writing an impressive cover letter. Be a crust above the rest and read our cover letter tips for pastry chef job applications. (scroll down to see our example)


Pastry chef cover letter

Writing a pâtissier cover letter can be difficult if you don’t have much experience to boast about. But even if you’re new to the profession or an experienced pastry chef looking for new opportunities, here are the key features you need to put in your cover letter.


How long should my cover letter be?

Your cover letter should be 4-5 paragraphs long and ideally it should only be on one side of A4 (unless otherwise stated in your application).


Remember, working in the culinary profession is a competitive world so you must be straight to the point and spend time writing your cover letter. Interviewers can tell if you’ve rushed your application and will think you’re not serious about the job.


A well written cover letter will boost your chances of winning your next job as a pastry chef.




Cover letter tips to win a Pâtissier job 

Here is the structure for your cover letter:

  • Introduction
  • Qualifications
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Conclusion

1) Introduction

Introduce who you are and why you are applying for the job. If the job application has specified anything like “we want someone with three years experience as a pâtissier” then make sure to mention you've got it.

2) Qualifications

What qualifications do you have? Most pastry chefs have studied at a culinary school or gone to courses. Talk about where you’ve studied and what you learned. Make sure to mention any specialisation courses, it will help you stand out.

If you have not gone to any culinary schools, mention any other qualifications that you think are valuable to you. Otherwise, move onto the experience section and add extra points to show you have plenty of experience.

3) Experience

What experience do you have as a pastry chef? How many years have you been a pâtissier? Talk about the different types of restaurants you’ve worked in and what responsibilities you’ve had. Use an example to support your statements.

If you have no pastry chef experience, then talk about any other chef-relevant work experience. Even if you have worked as a dishwasher or a line cook, these are good experiences to include because it shows you’ve worked in a kitchen. If you find yourself struggling to mention any relevant work experience then you need to look at getting some at a restaurant.

4) Skills

What skills do you have that makes you stand out or suitable for the job role? Pastry chefs have to follow specific recipe instructions, they need to be creative and have precision when it comes to decorating. Talk about your skills to show you have worked in a pastry chef capacity.

Again, if you have no pastry chef skills then talk about your other restaurant-related skills to show your ability to work in a kitchen and as a team.

5) Conclusion

This is your sign off section. Mention why you’re interested in this particular job, why do you like the restaurant? Include anything else you think is relevant to the application and what makes you an excellent candidate.

Example Cover Letter for Pastry Chef

This example is more suited for new pastry chefs beginning their career journey, if you are a seasoned chef, use this example to structure your cover letter.

Use this example to create your own cover letter:


Dear Sir/Madam,

                        I am applying for the pastry chef position you are currently advertising. I am currently working as a line chef but I have trained to be a pastry chef. Now that I have 2 years experience working in a restaurant kitchen, I believe I am ready to confidently pursue my ambition to be a Pâtissier….

I graduated from (name of culinary school, year of completion) with a (degree name). I have received other qualifications such as (name). During my studies, I specialised in dessert creation and presentation. I aspired to be a Pastry Chef before I started studying, I worked in a restaurant part-time and did summer courses to improve my skills. These qualifications gave me the opportunity to work with seasoned professionals and learn the craft…

From my courses, I have gained experience working in a pastry chef role. I understand the duties involved and what my role is in the kitchen. Since graduating from school I have been looking for pastry chef jobs but at the moment I am working as a line chef in a restaurant. This experience has been very valuable to me. I can work comfortably in a team and follow instructions from my manager. Working in a busy environment has given me the chance to learn how to work in a busy kitchen and work to demanding deadlines….

My previous experience and education means I can independently follow recipe instructions. I always create dishes to a high standard and keep my working area safe and tidy to avoid spillages in the kitchen. I have experience working with spray guns, (list any machinery or cooking equipment that is noteworthy)...

From the positive reviews about your restaurant, I am very excited at the thought of working with a company like yours. I aspire to be a pastry chef and I want to work with a business I can learn and grow with....

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you,

Yours faithfully,


Use this as an example to build your own cover letter and include your own personal experiences and skills.

If you are new to the pastry chef industry, then you should start with your strengths first: like, your qualifications and your passion for the job. To survive as a chef, you need to be passionate about the industry, you cannot go in half-hearted.


If you’re a seasoned pastry chef, you should begin your letter with your experience as that will be your greatest strength.


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