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How to Increase Restaurant Sales Without Spending Too Much

Getting customers through the doors of your restaurant is easier said than done. Restaurant sales are rarely constant and there are many factors that can affect it. As the manager, it's important that you continue to find new ways to increase sales. Here's how to increase restaurant sales without spending a penny.



Ways you can increase your restaurant sales:


1. Regularly Use Social Media


Using social media to promote your restaurant allows you to connect with your customers on an individual level. Whether it's posting limited offers on Twitter, revealing new additions to the menu on Facebook or sharing visual content on Instagram - it all helps to creates awareness.


Take a look at the Instagram post below, for example.



Upper Crust Pizzeria jumped on the huge Pokemon GO trend by posting an image of their pizza which was designed to cater to the Pokemon GO fans. Little, clever and free ideas like that are beneficial on social media, especially since 75% of social media users choose a restaurant after looking at images of food on their feeds (pun fully intended).



2. Claim Your Page on Google My Business


If you want your restaurant to be a credible one for potential customers, then it's vital that you take advantage of Google's offering and make your presence felt on Google My Business. Having your restaurant listed here adds insurmountable credibility to your online presence. 


Image Credit: Google


Being on Google My Business also lets you share your latest news, specials and offers so potential customers know what's happening and could be further tempted to visit. The social proof in the form of customer reviews is plain and clear to see too, which helps increase sales. Speaking of which...



3. Interact with Positive and Negative Reviews


Having no reviews is probably a bigger warning sign for customers to not visit your restaurant than negative reviews. You can't satisfy everyone, but interacting with positive and negative reviews shows customers that you care about them and their experiences, which will make them want to visit again.


When customers feel like their feedback is being implemented, it can result in visitors being impressed and more likely to visit and spend money.


Source: Tripadvisor


A Bright Local survey found that 60% of people read a review for a restaurant before visiting. It's vital that you're remaining active as it's a chance to turn your unhappy customers into positive ones. Plus, acting on negative reviews can have long-term benefits, as you might offer a discount which can leave a much better impression than a previous visit. 



4. Engineer Your Menu


There might be a certain dish on your menu that customers haven't ordered for months, so it could be time to discontinue that dish so you're not wasting money on those ingredients. Or, customers might prefer to eat different dishes during different seasons.


You could also try redesigning your printed menus. Either way, review your sales, identify which items are more profitable and which aren't and tweak your menu to reflect that.



5. Motivate Employees with Safe, Comfortable Uniforms


A positive attitude can result in a glowing review online and further visits, but a negative attitude might not want to make people come back and could even deter others from visiting. So, it's important that staff are motivated.


You can help boost employee motivation by providing them with safe, comfortable uniforms. In particular, the right footwear can go a long way as it will help them avoid occupational hazards that they might all have to overcome.


Keep Yourself and Your Restaurant Staff Safe at Work


As you and your restaurant staff are on your feet all day, it's important that you avoid any injuries by wearing appropriate, comfortable, slip-resistant shoes. You need to have shoes that will protect your feet and your posture.


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