How to Grow Your Restaurant: 5 Top Tips

It’s claimed the global restaurant industry was worth €783 billion in 2019 and in Europe alone, the figure is set to rise to an all-time high of €480.3 billion in 2020. To enjoy the rewards of this exciting industry and stay competitive, you need to know how to grow your restaurant. Here are five tips to get you started.



  1. Try New Marketing Tactics
  2. Document Processes
  3. Adopt Innovation
  4. Focus on Customer Happiness
  5. Invest in Your Team

1. Try New Marketing Tactics

As a restaurant, marketing is key to your growth. Here are some advanced and trending tactics for you to try.


Social Media Ads

Put your focus on Facebook rather than other social media platforms. It offers value for money and it’s bigger than Instagram and Twitter. That means you have the best chance to find your target market accurately as Facebook knows a lot about its users. The extra benefit is that Facebook owns Instagram so you can target your adverts on this photography-based app easily.


Google My Business

Google is still the place people go when looking for places to eat. As important as keywords are, use Google Maps to your advantage. Create your Google My Business Page and encourage your customers to leave reviews so you gain visibility.



To promote your brand, you can work with influencers on platforms like Instagram. By paying a fee or offering a free meal, influencers can help you reach a wider audience.


2. Document Processes

This is a key foundation of business growth. Here are three key reasons why you should start now if you already haven’t.


Loss of Knowledge

Imagine your head chef is the only one who knows every detail of your best-selling dish and it isn’t written anywhere. If the chef leaves, how will the rest of your team know how to make that dish? By documenting everything, you won’t lose out on valuable knowledge even if some staff members leave or you hire new ones.




Customers highly value consistency. When you document processes, you can attract returning customers because they know what to expect from you. It also allows you to open more locations as nobody needs to work out how to cook certain meals when they have the instructions available.



If you have a lot of staff and you hire team members frequently, documented processes teach new hires how your restaurant operates so training is always consistent. Delegate somebody to document your processes, write them down, keep them up-to-date and share them with the team.


3. Adopt Innovation

Restaurants that can’t adapt to change won’t grow. Don’t risk falling behind with customer trends by following these key areas.



Offering takeaway and delivery services is another revenue stream for your business. It’s no longer thought of as ‘lower end’ as even Michelin Star restaurants are taking part thanks to businesses like Deliveroo and UberEats. 



From simplistic online booking to feedback tools and mobile payments, there are lots of options you can implement in your restaurant to be innovative. Customers love technology if it makes their experiences easier so if you can use technology that makes their visit enjoyable, try it out.


4. Focus on Customer Happiness

Without your customers, the other tactics don’t matter. Delighted customers will tell others about your restaurant, they’ll leave positive reviews and give your team the satisfaction they deserve. Here are some tips on how to please customers so they keep returning.


  • Make sure your website is easy-to-use and mobile-friendly.
  • Make your menu easy-to-find and accessible.
  • Respond to queries in a timely manner.
  • Show high-quality images of your restaurant.
  • Include directions to your restaurant online.
  • Ensure customers can book a table in the way they want easily.


Sometimes mistakes can happen during service but they’re not as important as the way you and your team react. Make sure everyone knows how to handle complaints as in the long-term, turning around a bad experience can have a positive impact.


5. Invest in Your Team

One person can’t run and grow a restaurant by themselves. It’s a team effort and when your team is happy, they’ll be more motivated to help you grow. Here are three ways to keep your team happy in their job.



The more training you offer your team, the more they’ll know you care about their development. With that motivation to succeed, they’ll feel comfortable and happy in the role and when they believe you want to help them grow, they’ll want to make sure the restaurant is a success.



To staff, a job is more than just a salary. To motivate them, offer some benefits that other people don’t get. From gym memberships to discount codes, there’s always something unique and satisfying you can offer the team.



Restaurants can be potentially hazardous places. Wet and untidy areas, exposed cabling, uneven flooring, unsuitable lighting and incorrect footwear can all be common. Rather than let your staff wear ordinary high-street trainers and be at risk, show them you value their safety by investing in durable, slip-resistant footwear.



Slip-resistant footwear isn’t like your ordinary high-street trainer. They’re durable, safe and designed with innovative technology to keep people safe. To show your staff you care about their safety in your restaurant, take a look at some of the best footwear around.


Your Guide to Buying Slip-Resistant Shoes

As you and your team work long shifts on your feet for hours in potentially hazardous conditions, you need safe and comfortable footwear that goes beyond the basics. To browse a range of leading slip-resistant footwear, click the link below to get your buying guide to find a pair your team will love.


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