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How to Clean Leather Work Shoes in Under 5 Minutes

Once you’ve purchased a good pair of leather shoes for work, you’ll need to take care of them so they look their best. With regular cleaning, your shoes will ensure you always have a professional appearance at the start of every shift. Cleaning them doesn’t have to be a challenge. To help, here are our tips for cleaning leather shoes. 


  2. 1. Regularly Clean Away Dirt and Dust
  3. 2. Next, Give Your Shoes a Polish
  4. 3. Deal With Stains and Spots
  5. 4. Always Dry Your Shoes


  1. 1. Regularly Clean Away Dirt and Dust

Whenever your shoes begin to look and feel a little dirty, take a few moments to give them a good wipe. We recommend using a soft, dry cloth to start with to get rid of extra dirt and grease. Next, wet the cloth slightly with warm water and wipe them again. If you don’t have a cloth available, a shoe brush is a suitable alternative. 


  1. 2. Next, Give Your Shoes a Polish

After cleaning your shoes, use cream-based shoe polish to keep your leather work shoes looking great. When choosing a polish, make sure the colour matches the shoes you’ve chosen. 


Remove the shoelaces before you start polishing them for easy access to the different parts of the shoes and to prevent staining the laces. Use a soft, dry cloth or a shoe brush to apply the polish in an even layer all over the shoes. Then, use a different cloth or brush to remove any excess polish that might still be leftover. 


  1. 3. Deal With Stains and Spots

Spills can be common at work, so you’ll occasionally notice stains or spots on your leather work shoes. It’s important to deal with these as quickly as possible to ensure they aren’t permanent. 


It's fairly simple to do a spot treatment, but always test a small area on the shoe first to make sure it won't stain the leather. A common method is to use a little nail polish remover on a cotton ball to wipe away marks. 


If you’re worried about the nail polish remover damaging the shoe’s material, then use a little baby powder or vaseline/petroleum jelly. Both, when applied to the newly clean area, will ensure the shoes look as professional as ever.


  1. 4. Always Dry Your Shoes

After cleaning, polishing or spot treating your leather shoes, it's important to let them dry properly before you start wearing them again. Consider buying a shoe tree to help your leather shoes maintain their shape. 


If you don't have one, you can stuff the toes with crumpled up newspaper or tissues which will also help. Remember, never leave your leather shoes outside to dry in the sun or use direct heat on them.


Finding the Right Pair of Work Shoes

When looking for work shoes, there are some important things to consider to ensure you find the perfect pair. If you spend a lot of your time at work on your feet, we recommend taking your time to find shoes that will meet all of your needs.



We all like wearing comfortable shoes but this is even more important when we’re working. To give our best performance at work, we need to wear shoes that don’t distract us because they’re uncomfortable. Your favourite pair of trainers might look great but if they aren’t comfortable, then they aren't right for those long and busy shifts. 



Different workplaces present different potential hazards. No matter where you work, you need footwear that will keep your feet safe. Look for specially designed footwear which can withstand falling objects to ensure your feet aren’t hurt by falling objects. Look for specially designed footwear which can withstand falling objects to ensure falling objects don’t hurt your feet. Also, look out for safety certifications which highlight a pair of shoes’ protective features.


Easy to Clean

We’ve already discussed the importance of cleaning your shoes so you always look professional and ready for the day. Some shoes are easier to clean than others. If they can’t be easily cleaned or washed, then stains might be permanent. Not only can this leave you looking unprofessional, it can also increase the risk of cross-contamination which is why it’s so important to find the right pair of work shoes.



Do your current shoes stop you from tripping and slipping at work? Most workplaces present dangers which you’ll have to deal with. Choose footwear that’s been designed with an anti-slip material and you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll always stay on your feet. It only takes one serious accident for you to be unable to work.


Don’t take that chance and find shoes that will keep you on your feet at all times. 


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We know it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to finding your next pair of work shoes. There are so many different styles and options to consider. To make things a little easier we’ve created a free guide which will make the selection process much easier.


Get your copy now using the link below and find the perfect pair of work shoes, whatever your role. 


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