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How to Choose the Right Shoes For Your Role

Whatever your role, you need shoes that offer comfort, support and protection. It can be difficult to give your best performance at work when blisters, sore feet or frequent slips are causing problems. Think about your current pair of work shoes - have they been designed to suit your specific role and the challenges you face every day?


If not, then here’s how to choose a pair that have been. 



What to Consider When Choosing Shoes for Your Role

Reducing accidents in the workplace and making yourself or your staff safer should be a high priority when selecting footwear. This shouldn't just be for high-risk jobs like waiters and machinery staff but also for those who work tirelessly behind the scenes like managers, chefs and dishwashers.


There are many factors to think about when selecting work footwear, including comfort, durability and slip-resistance. Start by considering the environment you work in and any safety measures that need to be followed.


Floor Surface - A typical work shoe can regularly come in contact with anything from carpeted dining rooms and hotel bedrooms to wet tiled areas of kitchens and production halls. 


It’s important to bear this in mind when picking the appropriate work shoe. Slip-resistant shoes with a high grip rating can help maintain your balance and composure. They can even help make the transition between different floor coverings safer.


Wet Working Areas - Of course, it’s crucial to take the correct safety precautions in wet working areas. Steps like water-resistant mats and hazard signs can reduce dangers but the correct footwear will make the most notable difference.


Even with the best practices implemented, choosing the correct footwear for these high-risk areas is crucial. Excess moisture in the form of puddles, wet working areas (like swimming pools) or even just the dampness left after mopping are all potential slipping hazards which a good slip-resistant shoe can help deal with.


Safety - Think about the hazards you regularly face at work. Sharp knives, heavy objects, wet floors - all of these can cause accidents which leave you injured and unable to work. Your role might require safety shoes that are designed with specific features to keep your feet safe and protected. 


Shoes for Key Roles

Are You a Waiter or Waitress?

You’re on your feet for long periods so you need comfortable shoes. You’re the main port of call for the customer and if you’re comfortable working between tables under pressure, the customer’s dining experience is enhanced.


You’ll need to achieve the right balance of looking smart and appropriately dressed to match the establishment’s image with the comfort and support needed when it comes to health and safety practices.


Hopefully, you won’t be carrying anything too heavy but you just need that assurance you won’t slip or develop back pain. A good place to start would be a stable shoe for good balance, preferably flat, made from soft leather and featuring insoles.


Slip resistance is imperative when rushing in and out of the kitchens, so a good grip is needed on the outer soles. We’ve created a full collection of work shoes that are perfect for waiters and waitresses - click here to take a look.


Are You a Manager?

As the manager, you could be needed in any part of the business, from the comfort of your carpeted office to the potential hazards of a slippery kitchen or a production floor. 


You’re the workplace representative and your shoes should mirror the quality, class and professional manner of the entire establishment. With added confidence and assurance, you can proudly put on our professional dress shoes. 


Whether you prefer the feel of a soft leather shoe or a more solid brogue, we have all bases covered with a stamp of approval and a slip-resistant guarantee for when you’re called on as a troubleshooter in potentially hazardous areas. Discover our collection of work shoes for managers - click here to take a look.


Are You a Chef?

A professional kitchen is a busy working environment. You need to wear shoes that will protect your feet from possible hazards and give your joints the support they need. Kitchen shifts can involve spending a lot of time standing up, so you need shoes that are comfortable to wear for long periods


Slips, trips and falls can happen in kitchens because of wet surfaces that aren’t dealt with. To keep you on your feet, you need footwear that’s been designed with slip-resistant materials. That way, you can move about the kitchen without worrying about slipping. 


Browse the full range of shoes for chefs we have available now.


Are You a Bartender?

Like the chefs and waiters, you’ll spend a lot of time at work standing. When dealing with customers and mixing drinks, you need to focus on your work so you can deliver the best possible experience to your guests. 


You shouldn’t be distracted by uncomfortable shoes that don’t have slip-resistant technology. Think about your current pair of work shoes - are they equipped to deal with the hazards you face at work? If not, then it’s time for an upgrade. 


Click here for our range of professional, durable and slip-resistant shoes for bartenders.


Find the Right Shoes for Your Role

Download our buying guide now using the link below and find the perfect pair of work shoes to suit your specific needs. Whether you’re a bartender, butcher or barista - we have footwear that’s right for you. 



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