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How to Choose Non-Slip Hospitality Shoes

When choosing work footwear for any industry, safety should be paramount. There can be plenty of hazards in hospitality to be wary of. That’s why you should wear non-slip hospitality shoes that are specifically designed with this in mind.


What footwear works best for you and your role? Consider these points when choosing your perfect pair of non-slip hospitality shoes.


  • 1. Frantic Front of House

  • 2. Long Shift Chef

  • 3. Hectic Hotel Help

  • 4. Working Hard Waiters

  • 5. Busy Bar Staff



Frantic Front of House


Whether you’re the front of house at a restaurant or hotel, you’ll often be the first point of contact for a customer or guest. It’s crucial that the initial first impression is a positive one. The way you’re dressed is the first thing they will notice so your shoe choice matters.

But it's not just appearance.


As well as providing information and answering questions, you may be asked to fulfil any special requests or relay messages across teams. Have you got the right footwear when it comes to the possible risks you may encounter in any of these environments?

It can be hectic being at the forefront of communication and service. You need to guarantee you can move from front to back of house quickly and safely. Opt for a shoe with slip-resistance and TripGuard. The slight curve and tight lug pattern will make it easy for you to move from slippery surfaces to carpet and rugs safely.













Willa boasts this innovation shoe technology as well as a classic design. Executive Wing Tip III is a timeless men’s style with a wider heel for increased traction, ideal for any frantic front of house situation.


Long Shift Chefs


People who work in kitchens are more likely to potentially be injured by slips, trips and falls than anything else. As well as falling equipment, you’re possibly susceptible to various oils and liquids when working with food. Whether you’re a chef or waitstaff, you’ll be in the kitchen enough for these variables to cause a threat and non-slip shoes might just be the answer.

If you’re unsure of the dangers a chef might face while working in the kitchen, ask your coworkers what sort of hazards they face on a daily basis. It might just be a case of the long shifts taking a toll on their feet and productivity can be affected when you’re uncomfortable.


We recommend Radium when you’re on your feet all day. You require comfort and safety and this lightweight shoe, with extra cushioning and slip-resistant outsole, provides it all.


For somebody as busy as a chef, the design is probably the last thing considered so a minimalist, unisex design is perfect.


Hectic Hotel Help


Regardless of whether you’re looking for the perfect pair for the front desk roles or you’re part of the housekeeping team, you need appropriate clothing and equipment to see you through your shift.

When you’re working with a variation of cleaning products and solutions, it’s crucial your footwear can keep up.


Cleaners especially will require certain safety features that non-slip hospitality shoes can provide. Walking on wet or recently cleaned floors greatly increases your chance of slipping or potentially suffering an injury. These safety tips are essential to keeping safe in the hotel environment.



Reese is a cleverly simple and elegant ballerina flat that not only has a secret comfort insole but also a slip-resistant outsole too. Boasting new pressure release technology, its springy heel material brings life into each step. Its water-resistant synthetic upper means it could take your cleaning game to the next level.


Working Hard Waiters


Although you won’t spend all your time in the kitchen, you’ll be in and out enough to be exposed to possible hazards. When carrying out plated food, it’s important you take it to the correct table as safely and efficiently as possible. Usually, you won’t have time to check for split pasta sauce on the floor.

Admittedly, you won’t work nearly as much in there as the chefs. However, for the time you do spend there, you want to make sure you’re prepared for any hazards while also maintaining a professional and presentable attire.


Plus, there's always the chance of split food and drink on the restaurant floor.

When you have lots to consider, Envy II covers all bases. Its performance athletic insole certifies increased comfort and TripGuard makes sure you can move from kitchen to table with ease.

Busy Bar Staff


Typically, this sector employs a much younger workforce. Somebody as young as 17 can work in a bar under supervision. Working behind a bar can present its own unique issues. There are often quite a lot of staff members situated behind a small area to cope with the demand.



As the workforce is younger, a more modern shoe style might be more appealing. The price tag is well-priced and affordable for a budding barman or maid. Old School Low-Rider dons a classic sneaker look but its secret weapons in the extra cushioning and TripGuard means you won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.


Don’t Slip up With Safety


Whichever industry you’re in, it’s important to be safe in your role. At Shoes for Crews (Europe), our range of non-slip hospitality shoes has enough tread to give you effective grip on any floor surface.

By downloading our catalogue, you can view the full range of our styles and the safety elements featured in each one. Click the link below to get your free copy.


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