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How Our New Sole Technology Helps Bakers Stay Safe at Work

From potentially slipping on spilled raw eggs to standing long hours to back pain, bakers are exposed to many risks in the commercial kitchen; however, Shoes For Crews (Europe), LTD has developed a new type of sole technology to alleviate those concerns. Find out more about this technology and how it can help you stay safe and comfortable in the workplace. 



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Our new sole technology will specifically help commercial bakers in the industry. Consider these five Elements of Safety in footwear to help bakers stay safe in the kitchen: 



    • Big lugs at the front of your shoes can create a trip hazard when moving from between floor surfaces. Shoes for Crews have developed a slight curve and tight lug pattern to make this transition smooth and safe.

    • Bakers move around a lot in their jobs - You might be at the stand mixer one minute, the oven the next, making your way to front of house, so it's vital for you to have shoes that will not trip you up as you move between different floor surfaces.

    • The tripguard in our shoes will help keep you safe on the move.


    • Shoes for Crews engineered a revolutionary foam compound, removing over 100 grams from each step, taking pressure off your legs, knees, and joints on arduous shifts. 

    • Making sure you don't ache at the end of a long day is important. Even though weight isn't usually a consideration off the track, it makes a big difference to how you'll feel. Back and footache is a comment complain amongst professional bakers, and a lighter shoe can help. 

    • Hoverlite takes the pressure off!



    • Engineered into the linings or the material overlays, many of our models contain a membrane that protects your forefoot from hot liquids.

    • Boiling sugar or melting butter can be dangerous business, especailly when spills occur; however, the spillguard technology can make sure your feet don't get damaged. 

    • Spillguard stops spills spoiling your afternoon! 





Flex Tread

    • Flex tread mimics your foot's natural movement so the shoes bend when you do.

    • As a professional baker, you'll be on your feet for long hours. As a result, you don't want your shoe to be inflexible when you're on the move.

    • The flex tread technology will help keep your shoes supple and malleable so they're as flexible as you, allowing you the freedom of movement not found in a conventional shoe.



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