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Hotel Arrival Experience Ideas That Wow Guests with Little Effort

When guests arrive at your hotel, you only have one opportunity to wow them. That first impression is so important and can be the difference between them having a great stay, or wishing they'd booked somewhere else.


To really stand out from other stays they’ve had, think about these hotel arrival experience ideas that they’ll love.



Free Upgrades


If you’ve got bigger rooms available then why not put them to use? Upgrade guests to better rooms for free - everyone loves a freebie and it’s a perfect way of showing them that you’re committed to giving them the best possible stay.

The guests you’re upgrading might have traveled a long way and had to deal with delayed flights and bored kids. A free upgrade can melt all that stress and frustration away and put the biggest smiles on their faces.

Once they’re upgraded, it’s likely that the guests will head straight to social media to tell their friends and family about the great news. This is fantastic publicity for your hotel and requires very little effort from you.


Personalised Gifts


Even though you’ll look after thousands of guests each month, it’s important to try and make each of them feel special and valued. An easy and cost-effective way of doing this is by personalising their experience.

Little things, like a chocolate bar that has their name on it, can make a big difference. Include a few free items in their room and it shows that you’ve gone the extra mile to make their stay as memorable as possible.

It doesn’t have to be some crazy gift, like an iPad or a bottle of perfume - just something small and special that they weren’t expecting.


Special Requests


As part of the online booking process, give guests the opportunity to make special requests. It can be anything from an extra pillow to their favourite type of beer waiting for them in the mini fridge.

As long as the request they’ve made is within reason, make sure to fulfill it for them. It’s a great way of showing that they’re valued as a customer and it could be something that the guest may have even forgotten about if they booked well in advance.

It’s a service that isn’t offered by all hotels and it could be the reason someone revisits you in the future.


Embrace Special Occasions


If it’s Christmas, then offer them free mulled wine. Mother’s Day? Give all mums a free bouquet of flowers. Guests might be visiting your hotel as part of the special occasion celebrations, so embrace them.

It shows that you want to build a relationship with your guest and be a part of their special day. Decorate your lobby to suit the theme of the day and your guests will do free marketing for you by posting images on their social media.


Anticipate Their Needs


If guests are in town to run the local marathon and it’s a sunny day, then make sure they’ve got sunscreen and bottles of water. Little gifts like this, that show you’ve anticipated their needs, are a great way of ensuring they stay with you again in the future.

Sometimes you’ll know the itinerary of guests that are staying in your hotel so you can provide essentials they may have forgotten. It’s just another way of providing the best possible hotel experience for guests without having to do anything costly.


Help With the Kids


By the time your guests are checking-in, they may have had to deal with an early start and delayed flights so the kids are getting pretty tired and restless. Make sure everything you do makes their lives easier.

This means not keeping them at check-in for 45 minutes when it’s way past everyone’s bedtime. Think about offering the young kids a complimentary drink or fun activities for them to do in the hotel.

The parents will be eternally grateful if you can distract the kids and keep them entertained, while they make sure everyone is checked in.


Create a Welcome Pack


Free goodies are always appreciated but a welcome pack is even better for guests who are looking to explore the local area. Include details about the city or town you’re in, like public transport information, recommended restaurants and activities to do.

Also include anything they might need to know about the hotel and their room. No one wants to be freezing at night because they couldn’t figure out how to work your heating system.


To be as inclusive and welcoming as possible, make sure all of the information is available in multiple languages.

It’ll cost you basically nothing to put together but the important details included can make someone’s stay a lot less stressful.


Now You’ve Thought About Arrival, Here Are Some Other Tips to Wow Guests


Implement any of these ideas when guests arrive and you’ll ensure your hotel gives a fantastic first impression. However, arrival is just the first hurdle you need to clear. You have to also consider how your rooms, facilities and check-out process can be as enjoyable as possible for each guest.

Make sure your hotel is providing amazing experiences for guests by downloading our guide. It’s packed with useful tips and advice that you can follow to improve your service.


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