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Have You Got the Right Hotel Reservation System?

Whether it’s shoes, a shirt or a pair of trousers, you wouldn’t buy a size that’s too small. The same can apply to a hotel reservation system, as you wouldn’t want to implement a basic solution that’s not big or tailored enough to handle all of your data for you to analyse and make improvements.


If you’re wondering whether you’ve got the right hotel reservation system in place, here are some common signs to suggest if your current solution is out of date and some useful features to look out for.


Signs Your Hotel Reservation System Might be Too Old


Perhaps the best way to answer whether you’ve got the right hotel reservation system in place is to first take a step back and question whether your current solution is old, outgrown or out of date entirely.


If the following scenarios apply to you, it might be time to look for an alternative solution.

You’re Relying on Multiple Spreadsheets

Even with technological advancements, spreadsheets are always going to be commonly used. When it comes to a hotel reservation system, though, they might not always the best idea. They might get the job done for a while, but they’re probably not wise to use as your hotel continues to grow.

Business growth means more guests, and more guests mean longer and in-depth spreadsheets where it can be a real challenge to keep up. In an absolute worst-case scenario, programmes potentially crashing and a loss of data means spreadsheets can’t be accessed entirely.

If that does happen, then it’s clear that there’s no solid system in place that you can rely on. You need a single source of truth where everything can be seen and analysed seamlessly.

Your Data is Difficult to Analyse or You Have no Data at All

Having an endless amount of spreadsheets means you’ll have plenty of data to analyse, which is great and highly beneficial for the business.


However, trying to keep them organised or having so many that it’s a bigger hassle trying to collate them can mean it's difficult to analyse data. This can potentially mean it's harder for you to make any improvements.

That’s not efficient and neither is not having any data to analyse at all. Without actionable data, it’s more challenging for you to determine which areas you can improve in.

Your System Doesn’t Make Analysing Occupancy Rates Simple

You could be slowing your occupancy rates down considerably if your current system forces your guests to either email you, fill out a form or even contact you to check for any availabilities.


Analysing occupancy rates is important, as it allows you to detect some cyclic trends in sales to help you better understand the progress of your hotel. It can be recording the time of the year when you have the most reservations right through to the periods where you face difficulties in selling rooms.

Having this data lets you develop a model which can predict the potential performance of your hotel sales in the future. If your current platform makes this more of a challenge, then it’s a sign that you haven’t got the right hotel reservation system.


Useful Hotel Reservation System Features to Look Out For


There are plenty of different systems out there which all boast unique features that can help improve your hotel success. To make sure you pick the right option, it’ll be beneficial if they include the features we’ve mentioned below.

Online Payment Processing

Online payments are easy and convenient for guests to make reservations. Having this in your hotel reservation system can provide you with a secure online payment portal which integrates seamlessly into your website.


Automated communications, such as emails are the norm in the travel and hospitality industry. So much so, guests will perhaps expect instant confirmation emails once they’ve booked a room. Look for a solution that offers automation features so messages can be scheduled.

Advanced Analytics

Another useful feature to look for in a hotel reservation system is one that lets you create customised and detailed reports containing valuable information. From payment details to regular performance updates, advanced reporting features will let you create, generate and process reports so you can make the best decisions for your hotel.

User-Friendly Interface

A sleek hotel reservation system with a good user-friendly interface will let your customers easily navigate through the piece of software. If it looks good, the load times are fast and doesn’t crash, it’ll create a great user experience and potentially more bookings for you.



Hotel guests’ expectations continue to increase and change, so it’s down to you and your team to meet the demands. If you’re keen to improve and think about the bigger picture by providing a great experience for your guest, download our guide on how to improve your hotel guests’ enjoyment.


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