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Guide to Buying Catering Footwear: Tips, Budget and Safety

Often when you think of catering equipment, you think of serving trays or a bain marie. Well, specific catering footwear is just as important as any of your other required equipment. Not only are they a necessity to keep you comfortable when on your feet for long periods of time but they keep you safe from the various hazards and help you look professional.


It can be tricky when shopping around for the right pair, so this post will outline everything you should consider when looking for the perfect pair of catering shoes.


We’ll cover:


Tips for Buying the Right Catering Footwear 


They Need to Look Professional

Standards are everything, especially when it comes to the food industry. One way you can get yourself off to a great start with your customers is by looking professional. First impressions are decided within the first 30 seconds of meeting, so by having a slick uniform, including smart, professional shoes, you’re putting yourself in good stead.

For the smart look, we recommend Mary Jane II. You’ll certainly look the part and stay safe at all times. The comfort fit allows you to have a roomier feel but the adjustable strap allows you to tighten the shoe if necessary. They're CE certified and come equipped with reliable slip resistant outsoles to keep you safely on your feet at all times. 

For men, Cambridge II will leave a great impression on your customers and show them you’re well established, whilst protecting you from the various hazards in the kitchen. They're CE certified and the slip-resistant sole provides peace of mind that you can work without worrying about the hazards.


Is the Material Suitable for Your Role?

Kitchens can be hectic, messy places, especially during peak times. Food and condiments can get spilled or even food debris on the floor which can cause a hazard.

These are all things that if they landed on your shoes would ruin them and potentially harm you if they weren’t the correct, safe materials. Ideally, you need a water-resistant material that is easily cleanable. After all, dirty shoes scream unprofessionalism. Furthermore, they're a bad practice to upkeep and can spread bacteria around your kitchen.  


Are They Comfortable?

Working in catering is a pretty demanding role on your body, particularly your legs and feet. You’re going to be on your feet for hours at a time, so you’ll need to be comfortable. Look for a shoe that has extra cushioning to support your body. Not only will this make your shoes comfier but it will also provide support to your bones and joints and prevent them from aching.


The extra cushioning and removable cushioned insoles of Evolution II are designed to keep you as comfortable as possible throughout those long, gruelling shifts. 



Are They Safety Certified?

When a pair of catering shoes can boast a safety certification, it proves that they’re up to industry standard and will keep you safe on the job. In catering, you work with hot products and sharp objects so it’s important to be sure that the shoes you’re looking at buying are capable of coping with these should any accidents happen. Look out for shoes that are SE and OB certified.


Don’t Take the Budget Option 


A lot of caterers work without industry standard shoes. Don’t be one of them. You’re putting yourself in great danger and for what reason? You wouldn’t drive your car without buckling your seatbelt, so why would you work without wearing proper catering footwear?

High street alternatives might be cheaper but are you really saving money when you have to buy them twice or even three times over to get the same use out of them as you would a pair of proper catering shoes? As the old saying goes, “buy cheap, buy twice.”

Catering shoes aren’t just to keep you safe and protect you but they also look after your health. Regular shoes don’t offer the same protection and support as they do and leave you with aching joints and bones. Industry-specific shoes provide support for your ankles, shins, knees and back.


Boost Safety Levels with Specific Catering Footwear 


Working in a kitchen can be a particularly hazardous environment so you need to protect yourself. Spilt liquids, sauces, food debris and wet floors can all pose a great danger to you and your colleagues, especially when things start to get hectic. Here are our recommended catering safety shoes that are guaranteed to keep you safe, upright and concentrating on working hard every day.

The slip resistant outsoles of Roma81 allow you to dash around the kitchen with confidence that you’re not going to be on the floor any time soon. The shoe is s3 certified, waterproof and is equipped with a puncture and clog resistant outsole so if an accident does happen, you’re completely protected.


Both CE and S3 certified, Dolce81 has an easily cleanable coated leather exterior. This will allow you to look professional at all times and keep the bacteria out of the kitchen. The safety shoe is also created with TripGuard technology which is there to aid you in your clumsier moments and prevent you from tripping up when moving between floor surfaces.



Want to Know More About Catering Footwear?


These aren’t the only factors you need to consider if you want to avoid to the many hazards of a busy kitchen. It’s vital your work shoes protect against your specific job role in the kitchen and the hazards that come with it. Download our free guide to picking slip-resistant shoes for work to find out more below.


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