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Front of House Uniform: How To Stay Safe & Look Good

Front of house staff are the people customers are most likely to meet and interact with, so it's important that you're smartly dressed and acting professionally in order to make the best impressions. Being friendly and offering stellar customer service isn't the only thing that impresses customers. Here's why front of house uniform is important and how it keeps staff safe as well as looking good. 




What Should You Be Trying To Achieve With The Way You Dress at Work?


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First Impressions Are Everything

Work dress codes and uniform are important for many reasons. First impressions count. What you wear can have a powerful effect on how other people think, feel and act towards you. If you want your customers to trust, bond and befriend you (which can make them come back to your establishment in the future), you must create the right first impression from the get-go. 


Respect & Credibility

Tying in with first impressions, a well-dressed group of front of house staff can instantly make an establishment seem more reputable and credible. How often do you check a restaurant or bar's website or TripAdvisor for images and reviews? Even if the reviews are excellent, you might feel dubious if the photos show the establishment and staff to look a little shabby or messy inside. 


And that's why the manager or business owner insists on a certain dress code. You and the whole front of house team giving a united, professional first impression makes sure every diner's visit starts on the right foot.


Build Team Unity

This unified look has benefits for you and your colleagues at the restaurant too. When everyone's sticking to a smart dress code, it raises staff morale. You feel more connected as a team, united in your smart appearances. You'd feel prouder to work for a company that had a modern, stylish front of house uniform as opposed to a shabby or costume-like one.


So What Counts as a Good, Modern Front of House Uniform?


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It depends on the exact job role, the surroundings and overall vibe of where you work, but most restaurants, bars, diners and cafes require you to adhere to a dress code or have a uniform. For many, particularly the higher end establishments, front of house staff wear smart shirts, dresses, trousers, skirts and shoes. If you're ever in doubt, ask the restaurant manager for advice.


Although a stylish and modern front of house uniform may look good, it may not always be safe. Because of the busy nature of your job, it's vital that you're not wearing anything that's too restricting or presents any extra hazards. For example, clothes that are too tight or have excessive accessories such as trailing sleeves - the first could be uncomfortable, the second could be a hazard. 


That's why it's important that you find a balance between stylishness and practicality. Take the above examples - the uniforms are smart and attractive yet practical so it doesn't get in the way of your job. 


Don't Forget Smart, Comfortable, Slip-Resistant Shoes


When you're standing all throughout your shift, your feet can take a toll. Invest in high quality, slip-resistant shoes, which can be just as stylish as they are practical and help to keep you and your feet safe and comfortable. 


Here are some examples of appropriate footwear to complement your modern front of house uniforms. These are not prescriptive but are merely to give ideas and inspiration. If you're ever in any doubt, always check with your line manager first.


Male Shoes




From upscale eateries who require formal uniforms to more casual cafes and bars, these smart shoes ensure you're always looking professional yet staying safe and comfortable throughout your shift. Made from water-repelling leather and features such as the slip-resistant sole, steel shank, zone traction and Trip Guard, you'll be easily be avoiding hazards.


Female Shoes




Constructed from water-resistant leather uppers, these smart, tailored shoes can help you look professional and work safely. They also have a lot to offer with removable cushioned insoles, padding around the heel to prevent rubbing, steel shank and Trip Guard to decrease occupational hazards while you're moving between different floor types. 


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