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Commis chef CV tips to make your application stand out

Starting your career as a chef usually means you'll be starting as a dishwasher or a commis chef. The Commis Chef is an entry-level position, they're responsible for assisting other chefs and it offers an excellent opportunity to learn how the restaurant kitchen works. These jobs are highly sought after by aspiring chefs so you need to create a great Commis Chef CV. Here's how to make your application stand out from the rest.





Talk About Your Cooking Skills

When you're applying for a commis chef job, it's usually expected you have some cooking skills. Knowing how to chop and prepare food is essential. In the skills section of your CV, describe what cooking skills you have and how long you've been cooking for. If you've completed cooking courses at school then these are important to mention.


If you haven't got any cooking skills, it's recommended you gain some work experience. Your CV won't stand out if you don't have any skills to talk about.



Knowledge About Ingredients

While commis chefs are not responsible for creating new recipes, they are expected to help prepare ingredients for the other chefs. Understanding the purpose of different ingredients is an essential skill. What are the best herbs for an Italian dish? What do I need to use to glaze the topping of this cake? Which spice is best for this type of curry? 


Commis chefs will learn lots on the job but having a reliable understanding and personal knowledge about cooking and ingredients will show your potential employer that you're passionate about being a chef and eager to learn.




Food Safety And Hygiene

When working with food, there are many food safety and hygiene rules you have to follow. Working with contaminated food can threaten the health of your customers. Food poisoning will seriously damage the reputation of the restaurant. 


Employers want chefs who follow the rules. Completing a food and hygiene safety course will show you understand the rules and can be trusted to work with food.



Show You're A Team Player

All chefs are expected to work as part of a team. Chefs have to communicate with each other and coordinate to get meals out on time.  


On your CV you must show examples of when you had to work as part of a team. Using examples of previous work experience where you had to work with others is an excellent example. 




Previous Kitchen/Culinary Experience

While commis chef is an entry-level position, most commis chefs have some culinary work experience beforehand.


Working as a dishwasher is a popular start. Even working as a waiter/waitress is valuable experience because you'll be working between the kitchen and the restaurant floor. In quiet times, food servers tend to spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen and can get to know the chefs.


Make sure to mention any culinary work experience. If you haven't got any, it's recommended you get some to improve the chances of your CV winning you a job interview.



Safety At Work

Restaurant kitchens are busy work environments and there are many hazards, such as: hot temperatures, sharp knives and wet floors. All chefs have to work in a safe manner to avoid suffering an injury or endangering the lives of their colleagues. 


On your CV, showing examples of when you had to work safely and follow safety rountines, shows that you're capable of respecting health and safety rules.


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