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Can working in fast food cause acne? (with 5 skin care tips)

Do you find that, after working a few long shifts in a row, you break out in spots or acne? Well, you're not alone as this is an issue for a lot of fast food workers who are working in the kitchen, where there can be a lot of oil and grease which can lead to breakout on your skin. We've provided you with 5 top tips to keep your skin looking and feeling replenished even after the longest shift!


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1. So, can working in a fast food restaurant cause acne? 

2. Use these tips to reduce the appearance of acne 

3. Wash your hands regularly 

4. Stay hydrated with water

5. Wash your face after work 

6. Reduce stress

7. Be ready for work


So, can working in a fast food restaurant cause acne? 

Keeping your face clear from acne, spots and blemishes can be really difficult. The skin cells on your face are very sensitive. Any dirt or even some simple changes to your skin care routine can cause acne to appear. 


Employees working in fast food do have an increased chance of developing acne. In a fast food restaurant, there is more grease and oil in the air, and if either of these get onto your skin they can plug your hair follicles which can cause the follicle to swell and develop into a spot.


If you have a bad habit of touching your face while working, this also increases the chance of causing breakouts.



Use these tips to reduce the appearance of acne 

Some people think the only way to stop getting acne when working in fast food is to leave your job and do something else. You shouldn't have to leave your job because of acne, there are many skin care tips available to help protect your skin.



Wash your hands regularly 

If you're aware that you regularly touch your face during the day, then that means you're likely spreading salt, oils, grease and fat onto your face. When you're preparing food or cleaning surfaces, it's important to avoid touching your face.  


Try to keep your hands away and most importantly, wash your hands regularly. As you work in a fast food restaurant, you should be washing your hands regularly to avoid cross contamination but by taking extra care to wash your hands whenever you can, you can reduce the chance of spreading food oils onto your face. 



Stay hydrated with water

Drinking plenty of water will help to keep you hydrated and help to keep your skin clear. While working in fast food, you may be tempted to stick with sugary drinks but this can make it worse. 


If you don't want to buy bottles of water at work every day, buy a reusable bottle of water so you can fill it at the tap. Just remember to clean the bottle regularly.



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Wash your face after work 

It's understandable you just want to relax and re-energise when you get home from work but make sure you wash your face first. Using a cleanser and a moisturiser will help clean your pores and revitalise your skin. Use a cleanser and moisturiser that is best suited for your skin type. 



Reduce stress

Stress is a major catalyst for acne breakouts. Being stressed in your home life or work life can cause acne to appear and it doesn't shift until you've resolved the stressful issue.


Managing your stress levels can help against acne. Do regular exercise and treat yourself to luxuries: go for a massage or have a spa day. By relaxing, you can help reduce the feeling of stress, and the breakout of acne.



Be ready for work

As already mentioned, one of the biggest causes of acne is stress. When you're on your feet for long periods at a time, it's natural your body will feel tired and exhausted. Feeling tired and physically stressed can cause spot breakouts. To mentally reduce stress, take your designated breaks and don't work on longer than you should. Relax when you finish your shift and do something that will take your mind off of work, especially if it's been a particularly tough day. 


To reduce the physical stress on your body, try and wear footwear are comfortable and safe. If you're on your feet for most of your shift then you need the correct shoes that won't leave you rubbing your feet after only a few hours. Pick a pair of shoes that you won't have to break in and won't have to worry about. Also choose a pair of shoes that will help in reducing slippages on greasy or oily floors. This will help keep your mind at ease when rushing around and doing what you need to do and will go some way to reducing the stresses of a hectic fast food restaurant.  


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