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Benefits of Warehouse Safety Shoes and How to Choose Them

You might have noticed that some of your colleagues in the warehouse spare no expense when it comes to the safety shoes they wear at work. You’ve never really put that much thought into your footwear and don’t spend as much as the others when finding a new pair.

Here’s why you’re more at risk and why it’s so important to choose the right pair of warehouse safety shoes.



The Benefits of Warehouse Safety Shoes


Warehouse workers spend long periods of time on their feet in an environment that can be hazardous and unpredictable. It’s vital that they take the necessary steps to protect themselves while at work and that starts with the shoes.

Choose the wrong pair of work shoes and you’re more likely to have to deal with the following issues:

More Slips and Trips at Work

Your warehouse colleagues who are wearing safety shoes are more likely to stay on their feet no matter the surface. Safety shoes have slip-resistant outsoles to prevent the wearer from slipping and falling on wet floors.

If you’re wearing regular shoes or footwear that you’ve worn a thousand times, then you’ll find yourself slipping or falling more. Shoes that don’t fit well anymore are easier to fall in and should be replaced as soon as possible.

Aches and Pains

It’s normal to feel tired and a little sore after a long shift in a warehouse, but are you developing more serious aches and pains that others aren’t? It might be that the shoes you’re wearing aren’t providing enough support to your feet and ankles. If your joints are suffering, then you may develop problems with your ankles, knees and back.

If the aches are bad enough, then you’ll probably need to take some time off work to recover. No one should be in so much pain that they’re unable to work because of the shoes they’re wearing.

Safety shoes provide better arch support for your feet, making each step light and easy. They keep your feet stable as you move which prevents them from rolling and causing problems. Switch to warehouse safety shoes and you’ll most likely no longer suffer from the same aches and pains at the end of a shift.

Needing to Replace Your Shoes

Work shoes shouldn’t need replacing every few months, but if you’re wearing the wrong kind of footwear then that’s exactly what you’ll be doing. Your shoes might be cheaper than the safety shoes the rest of the team are wearing, but you’ll need to buy a couple of extra pairs before they even need to think about replacements.

Safety shoes are more expensive than other alternatives but they’re definitely an area that’s worth a little more investment. Spending a little more money gives you a pair of shoes that keeps you safe, comfortable and happy at work.

More Blisters and Foot Problems

Blisters are the enemy of the warehouse worker, turning an ordinary shift into a nightmare. Every step is agony and the sight of your poor feet when you do eventually take your shoes off isn’t a nice one.

They’re caused by friction between your feet and the shoes you’re wearing. It’s to be expected with a brand-new pair of trainers or high heels, but you shouldn’t be worrying about blisters after weeks of wearing work shoes.  

You need a pair of safety shoes that fit perfectly, giving you the comfort and stability to prevent foot problems from developing.

No Protection from Injuries

Warehouses can be hazardous places to work, especially when it comes to lifting heavy items and objects falling from high racks. The wrong pair of shoes won’t protect you from the force of something that’s dropped, crushing your toes and leading to serious injuries.

You need safety shoes that are designed with protective toecaps that will absorb the force of the impact and keep your toes safe.

Unhappier Shifts

There’s nothing worse than being half an hour into a long shift in the warehouse and already be struggling with blisters or sore joints. Your colleagues who are wearing safety shoes show no signs of pain after a full shift, never mind when one is just starting.

Make the change to warehouse safety shoes and you’ll find you enjoy your shift more because you’re comfortable, protected and always on your feet.

Whatever your role in the warehouse, there are safety shoes to suit you. Dolce81 is puncture proof, slip-resistant and has been awarded safety certificates from EU regulators. Elevate81 has a steel toe, tapered outsole and is water-resistant - perfect for anyone who has to work in outdoor areas.





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