Be a Safety Hero with European Health and Safety Week 2015

From 19 - 25 October is European Health and Safety Week. Companies throughout Europe are raising awareness about the importance of safety in the workplace and how employees and employers can take steps to ensure they are safe at work.



What is European Health and Safety Week?

Health and Safety Week is a week dedicated to raising awareness and increasing knowledge about workplace safety.


The European Agency for Safety and Health describes the campaign as an event dedicated to helping people in all types of organisations to understand the potential risks and how they can help to decrease workplace accidents. They believe employers, employees, trade unions and organisations should get involved to raise the importance of health and safety.


This year campaigns and events will be focused on raising awareness about stress at work and what psychosocial risks you need to be aware of. Events hosted by Healthy Workplaces will be held throughout Europe. Workshops will discuss how to deal with stress and offer health and safety advice.


You can check out where your nearest Healthy Workplaces event will be.



Raising awareness about health and safety in the workplace

At Shoes For Crews we value the importance of raising awareness about safety at work. As we create slip resistant shoes designed to keep people safe, we are great promoters of workplace safety. Many workplace accidents and injuries can be avoided if proper care and attention is taken.


Our shoes are created with workers’ feet in mind. Foot discomfort can be harmful to the health of your feet and can contribute to stress. Achy and sore feet after a long day can have a negative effect on your health.


You might not realise it but wearing safe and correct footwear for your job role can provide many benefits to your health:

  • Reduces stress
  • Improves foot comfort
  • Increases protection against trips and accidents
  • Benefits foot health

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Shoes For Crews Safety Awards

Keeping our customers’ feet safe is a primary concern for us. The HSL slip resistant GRIP scheme tests all types of safety footwear to determine which are the best. Our SFCE footwear has been awarded the HSL 5 star GRIP rating and that is the highest you can get! 



Our slip resistant footwear minimises the chance of slips across a range of different work environments. Be it a restaurant or a construction site, Shoes For Crews footwear reduces the chance of accidents.


The European Health and Safety Week promises to offer a variety of different events and advice on how to help relieve stress and raise awareness about health and safety at work. Remember to take some time to look after your feet, you know the saying, having happy feet means a happy life. Well, we think so.


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What are you doing for European Health and Safety Week? Tell us in the comments below!

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