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Bartender Responsibilities: What They are and How Best to Manage Them

Being a considerate member of the team, a friendly face and knowing the menu well are just some of the responsibilities your role as a bartender entails. But being a good bartender is more than just knowing what your responsibilities are - it's knowing how to manage them too.



So, here are the main bartender responsibilities and how best to manage them.



Be a Considerate Member of the Team


In a busy bar environment, you might have a dedicated team of bartenders working alongside you. Although their expertise and initiative are helpful, space can be limited behind the bar. Even the best bar staff can get frustrated in an organised small space.


You need to make sure you’re being as considerate as you can when working as a team. Having this connection with your colleagues makes for an efficient shift and it’ll really show in your service.

How Best to Manage This

  • Be aware of your surroundings so you don’t bump into a colleague, spill a drink and create a potential hazard.
  • Make sure all your team is equipped with the right bartender footwear that offers comfort and the slip-resistance you require.
  • Communicate with your team to minimise duplicate orders or neglected customers.
  • Encourage and assist each other - for example, by sharing the workload when you can.
  • Be accountable for any mistakes you make. Your fellow bartenders will appreciate that.


Know the Bar and Cocktail Menu Well


Whiskey neat. Dry Martini. Vodka on the rocks. The language used alongside a drink order can dramatically change the taste, look and preparation of it. It’s important that you understand what each variation means so you can successfully make the drink to the customer’s liking.


Knowing the bar and menu well can be advantageous for an efficient shift.


  • We know it can be frustrating when a customer doesn’t know what they want to drink or they’re too vague. Be on hand to advise recommendations from the menu accordingly to their taste. You can even add your signature flair to create something unique for them.
  • If a customer orders something not on the menu, be sure to get all the details of what goes into the drink and try your best to make it to their specifications.
  • Know where the first aid kit is kept at the bar, just in case you potentially slice your finger when chopping up some garnish or cleaning up broken glass.
  • Trends emerge all the time when it comes to what’s popular to drink. Stay up to date and tailor your menu to entice customers.


Be Friendly, Approachable and Willing to Help Customers


Bartending is a very social-oriented job and you’ll have to communicate with customers throughout your shift. Often, you’re the only interaction with the business and they’ll largely base their impression of an establishment from your customer service. So, a positive attitude can go a long way.


Nurturing customers and making their time at the bar worthwhile can be as simple as being friendly, observant and attentive to their needs.

How Best to Manage This

  • Make drinks orders in a timely manner and don’t hesitate to ask a team member to help if you’re serving a large group.
  • Treat every customer the same. 
  • Make sure you know the prices for drinks or have something helpful nearby to help you remember. It’ll make getting change so much easier.
  • Know about the events happening in your local area. Customers often ask bartenders for recommendations on where to go next and will appreciate your insight.


Maintain a Clean and Tidy Environment


Mixers, syrups, ice and more - you deal with a lot of easily spilled liquids on a daily basis. Hygiene is of the utmost importance when making orders for customers to drink, so you want to make sure your station is as clean as possible.


These are the best practices for remaining hygienic behind the bar.


  • Tidy up as you go along and put waste in the bin. This will make closing up for the night easier and your space less disorderly.
  • Mop up spills on the bar before they dry so you’re not grabbing payment that’s sticky or moist (and neither will your customers).
  • Put spirits and liquors back so they’re not cluttering the bar area and your other team members can access them easily. It will also help when it comes to maintaining inventory.
  • Sweep up glass straight away and take the necessary cautions to keep you and your team safe.


Now you know how to manage your responsibilities efficiently, you can learn about excelling in your bartending career.


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