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All About Vegan Safety Shoes: What They Are and How to Find Your Own Pair

Workers are on their feet all day, so they need a pair of durable, good quality shoes. Depending on the individual’s beliefs and preferences, these may also need to be vegan-friendly.



Here’s what vegan shoes are and where you can get some of your own, so you can take that next step towards being more ethical.



What Are Vegan Safety Shoes?


Vegan shoes don’t use any animal products or materials. Instead, they use synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester.


However, the difference between regular vegan footwear and vegan safety shoes is that the latter features a hard toe made of either steel or composite material. This protective reinforcement in the toe area protects the foot from heavy objects or compression.


Why Do Workers Wear Them and How Can You Tell If Your Safety Shoes Are Vegan?


Workers might wear them as it’s their personal choice and they want to be environmentally-friendly. Kitchen staff and back of house may even wear them in the restaurant and it could, therefore, be part of the uniform. 


As for signs to indicate that your shoes are vegan, make sure they don’t show the leather symbol. Otherwise, it means leather has been used during production. Also ask the company whether their shoes are vegan because unless they’re described as ‘100% synthetic’, you can’t be sure. 


When deciding on your next pair of safety shoes, look for a pair that offers certain features to keep you safe and comfortable at work. These include:


  • Slip-resistance.
  • Water-resistant or waterproof.
  • Features designed to reduce tripping.
  • Steel or composite toe protection to prevent potential injuries.


You can still benefit from all of these features while ensuring your shoes are vegan. The vegan styles at Shoes For Crews boast vital features which ensure safety in the workplace. 


For example, Evie is available for women in clean white or classic black. It features many safety elements, including a composite toe, a slip-resistant and clog-resistant outsole to minimise the risk of tripping and it’s also water-resistant.



For men, Clyde lets you enjoy both style and safety. It features a microfibre upper and is also puncture proof so you can work hard and stay safe. To help avoid potential accidents, it's waterproof and features an anti-clog and slip-resistant outsole.



The waterproof feature can also be found in shoes like Bonnie, a women’s shoe in a fashionable sneaker style. Additionally, a slip-resistant outsole, puncture-resistant footbed and composite toe caps are designed to keep you and your feet safe throughout your shift.



For men, Cambridge Steel Toe is a formal style which is both durable and dependable. More importantly, it provides comfort and safety so that you can work hard and stay safe at work. It consists of safety aspects including a steel shank, slip-resistant outsole and is waterproof.


Opting for shoes with qualities like water-resistance or waterproof materials, slip-resistance and tapered outsoles to reduce the risk of tripping means you can feel comfortable knowing your footwear provides you with the safety you need for your job role. Plus, they're vegan-friendly which ensures your choice of footwear is much kinder to the environment. 


At Shoes For Crews, we provide many more styles which offer these safety qualities, while also being suitable for vegan and style-conscious customers.

Discover All You Need to Know About Buying Slip-Resistant Safety Shoes


When buying safety shoes, you should be confident that they’ll protect you against a variety of potential hazards while also suiting your role and style. 


No matter which area you work in, you need to make sure you’re safe.


To help you decide where to start, we’ve put together our Ultimate Guide to Slip-Resistant Shoes which will help you to choose the right style for you. From the possible hazards you might encounter to the best footwear options, our guide walks you through the important information you need to know.


Click the link below to get your free copy.


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