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All About the Shoes For Crews Slip-Resistant Technology

We’ve designed our shoes to keep you on your feet, avoid potential hazards and reduce pressure on your body so you can focus on work. Busy workplaces can often be dangerous, so you need footwear that will keep you on your feet no matter the surface. 



With Shoes For Crews, you can give the best possible performance at work without worrying about sore ankles, blisters or slips. Our shoes are created with slip-resistant technology to reduce the chance of you having an accident at work. 


We’ve been designing and creating slip-resistant shoes since 1984. We’re helping employees stay safe at work with our incredible and revolutionary slip-resistant outsole technology. Here are just some of the shoes we have available. 


Slip-Resistant Work Shoes

Old School Low Rider IV 


A classic design that’s stylish and professional, Old School Low Rider IV is the perfect footwear for bartenders, waiters and many other workers who spend a lot of time on their feet. These unisex shoes are designed with a leather upper and additional cushioning to ensure the wearer is always comfortable while still looking professional.

Most importantly, Old School Low Rider IV is created with our slip-resistant technology to make sure you stay on your feet as you move across different floor surfaces. For example, we know how potentially dangerous it can be to move from the restaurant into the kitchen for waiters and waitresses. By wearing Old School Low Rider IV, staff don’t have to worry about slips, trips and falls.



This shoe combines a professional aesthetic with slip-resistant technology to keep the wearer looking good and on their feet. Ideal for hotel staff, managers and baristas, Senator features a cushioned footboard with a leather-lined insole. This shows our commitment to both aesthetic and comfort as you’ll never have to worry about sore muscles or joints. 


We know how much there is for you to think about at work but sore feet or regular falls shouldn’t be one of them. It only takes one avoidable slip for you to be unable to work. Don’t let that happen by wearing shoes like the Senator. 



Dolce81 is a slip-resistant safety shoe that’s perfect for chefs, warehouse workers and any job role that features possible hazards like heavy objects. This is because Dolce81 is waterproof, puncture-proof and has a steel toe that can withstand 200 joules of impact. Your feet and toes will be protected from falling objects as long as you’re wearing Dolce81.


This shoe features a tapered and clog-resistant outsole to significantly reduce the chance of you slipping and hurting yourself at work. Whatever your job role, work to the best of your ability in the knowledge that you’re wearing shoes that will keep you safe. 


Stratton III 

Another of our safety shoes, Stratton III features a superior slip-resistant outsole with TripGuard. This makes Stratton III the perfect footwear for anyone whose job involves a lot of physical work. Because your work can be physically challenging, you need the right footwear and PPE to keep you safe. Stratton III is perfect thanks to the unique safety features it’s designed with. 


Stratton III is also waterproof, keeping your feet and socks dry. The last thing you want to worry about is wet socks and blisters because the shoes you’re wearing do nothing to repel liquids. Choose Stratton III and focus on what’s important - doing the best possible job you can.


Your work shoes should benefit the way you work. You should feel comfortable, supported and most importantly, you should feel safe. Many accidents at work, like trips, slips and falls can be avoided by wearing the right shoes for your job. Our Shoes For Crews slip-resistant technology, along with features like TripGuard, gives you additional grip and support at work.


Choosing the right pair of work shoes can be a difficult decision but it’s one you should take seriously. Make the wrong choice and you could suffer from possible slips, blisters, impact injuries and need to replace them in just a few weeks because they weren’t durable enough to cope. 


To make things easier, we’ve created a free buying guide that splits our shoes by job role. So if you’re a bartender, chef, warehouse worker or nurse, make sure to take a look. 


Get Your Free Buying Guide

The roles listed above aren’t the only ones we cater for. If you spend a lot of time on your feet at work, then we have the perfect pair of work shoes for you. Download our buying guide now and find footwear that’s comfortable, slip-resistant and ready to support you during even the most challenging of shifts. Click the link below now to get started. 


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