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7 ways slip resistant work shoes can protect kitchen staff

It's a common misconception that many people surprisingly fall for. Some people who work in a kitchen believe they don't need safety shoes for work. Working in a kitchen isn't like working in a factory or a construction site but there are many hazards that are exclusive to kitchens. As you already know, kitchen environments are busy and there's always the danger of sharp knives and boiling liquids. However, many of the dangerous hazards in a kitchen can be avoided by ensuring you're wearing appropriate footwear. Wearing your favourite high street trainers can't compete with slip resistant work shoes. Learn how slip resistant shoes can keep you safe at work. 




1) Protection from falling objects

Kitchens are very busy workplaces. Chefs are busy getting the food orders prepared and waiters are hurrying in and out to serve customers. In fast paced environments, accidents are more likely to happen. Plates, boards and pans are easily knocked off work tops or dropped. Many kitchens tend to be tight work spaces and you can't always move out of the way quick enough to avoid a falling pan.


Work shoes with composite or steel toes give your feet extra protection against the heavy force of a falling object. Ordinary trainers can't give you the protection you need.



2) Protection from sharp objects

Along with falling objects, kitchen staff are more likely to face potential hazards from sharp knives. Even if you've got years of experience learning the different chops and cuts for food preparation, you can still be vulnerable to a falling sharp knife. 


Work shoes with toe protection are ideal against sharp objects.



3) Offers breathability

Kitchens are naturally hot working environments but when you're busy working, you quickly get very hot. You can keep cooler by wearing the right clothes for work however you can keep extra cool by having appropriate footwear. Work shoes made from high quality leather offer your feet extra breathability. 


Having sweaty feet for an entire shift isn't pleasant anyway and it's certainly not good for the health of your feet. Hot moisture is the perfect environment for fungal infections and skin irritations. Wear the right shoes for your job role.



4) Water resistance

Water spillages are a common occurrence in kitchens. As kitchens are busy work areas with multiple people working closely in small areas, there's not much room to avoid any spills. Whilst you can quickly mop up a puddle, it's difficult to dry your shoes. Wearing wet shoes for the rest of your shift is uncomfortable. But you can avoid getting wet in the first place by making sure your shoes are water proof or at least water resistant.



5) Back support

Does your back ache after a long shift? Back ache can often be caused by wearing unsupportive shoes. Kitchen staff have to work on their feet for many hours at a time. If you're wearing the wrong shoes, you can be causing more harm than good. 


Buy work shoes that are specially designed for your job role in mind. 



6) Defends feet from burns

Burns and scalds are some of the most common injuries kitchen staff can face within their line of work.  


Taking time off work because of an injury feels very frustrating but wearing appropriate footwear gives you extra defence. 



7) Reduces slips and falls

Kitchen staff have a higher risk of slipping or falling at work because of the nature of their work environment. Floors get wet and greasy from food preparation and the high concentration the job demands, means it's hard to concentrate on what's going on around you. 


Slip resistant shoes have specially designed outsole grip to help reduce slips and falls at work. Shoes created by SFC Europe Ltd have unique patented Mighty Grip soles that gives them extraordinary slip resistant grip. Our 5 star grip rating proves we out-grip the competition!





Whilst kitchen floors can be cleaned regularly to help reduce accidents, wearing the right work shoes is the best protection you can have in a kitchen. Slip resistant shoes are created to keep you on your feet.


At Shoes For Crews Europe Ltd, we've been selling work shoes to kitchen staff for years. We understand how important slip resistant work shoes are for kitchen staff and we've created our shoes in mind for you.


Want to improve your safety at work?

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