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7 Unique Hotel Concepts (That Can Help You Improve Your Customer Experience)

The most unique hotels in the world now offer more than just a bed for the night or a breakfast system for guests the next morning. Customer experience is now more important than ever and the seven hotels we’ve highlighted in this blog do it better than most.


From paragliding to a hotel right through to a personal bath barista - these unique hotel concepts are both memorable and offer amazing customer experiences which can inspire you to improve your own.


Image Credit: GoodMeetings

Paragliding to a Hotel (Oman)


Image Credit: Travel Babbo


The Six Senses Zighy in Oman features a five-star hotel with spectacular sea views. However, what makes this hotel unique from a customer experience standpoint is the ways guests can reach the hotel.

Alongside the regular taxis and rental cars, guests have an option that breaks all norms - they can paraglide to the hotel. It’s something different that not every guest would usually expect.


A Private Night at the Opera (Prague)


Image Credit: Thousand Wonders


The Four Seasons in Prague eliminates the nuisance of coughing guests and annoying noises from other audience members when you watch a show. The solution they’ve provided is a private night at the opera.

Through an exclusive arrangement between the hotel and the Estates Theatre, up to five guests at a time can enjoy a performance of Mozart’s Don Giovanni while basking in the venue’s neo-classical splendour.


Just for good measure, there’s a chauffeured service back to the hotel in a vintage Rolls Royce as well.


Bath Barista (Colorado)


Image Credit: Travelzoo


Coffee baristas are there to make your beverages exactly how you like it. The Madeline Telluride in Colorado stepped it up a notch by giving baristas an entirely new meaning. Here, their bath barista services see hotel staff come and personally and draw an in-room bath for their guests.

The bath service comes with customised bath salts and essential oil infusion so guests can soothe and relax after a day full of activities. All it takes is one call to room service to make the request.


Menu of Pillows (Sussex)


Image Credit: Exclusive


While this isn’t as ‘out there’ as some of the other unique concepts, the South Lodge Hotel offers guests a different kind of menu. Rather than just choosing the type of their room, guests can use a menu to order the exact type of pillow they want to use.

The hotel’s luxury pillow menu offers guests a large variety to choose from, ranging from a lavender and manuka pillow, which is packed with New Zealand lambswool, right through to an anti-snoring pillow which also combines to align the neck and spine.


Yoga on an Elephant (Thailand)


Image Credit: Thai Spas Now


If you’re looking for extraordinary service and experience, then the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort is one to behold. Guests at the resort can practice yoga on an elephant with instructors on hand to help guests balance on the magnificent creature and practice simple yoga positions.

The foundation, which is owned by the hotel, takes in abused elephants and provides them with the medical care and attention they need. It’s an amazing deed combined with an equally brilliant experience to see them up close and personal.


Crane Hotel (Amsterdam)


Image Credit: Agoda


The Crane Hotel Faralda is now a world-famous landmark located in the middle of the well-known NDSM quarter in Amsterdam, and it’s seriously impressive as it provides experiences guests can’t get anywhere.

Perfect for adrenaline junkies, the hotel was once an industrial crane and features three luxury hotel suites instead of typical rooms. There are options to bungee jump from the highest point of the crane, while other guests can enjoy the open air jacuzzi and take in the views.


Spitbank Fort (English Channel)


Image Credit: Bride


Another out-of-the-box yet extraordinary hotel offering an incredible experience is the Spitbank Fort Sea Hotel. It’s only one of three forts that had been built off the Victorian Coast in the 1700s. Now renovated and transformed into a luxury boutique hotel, guests can escape to sea for a retreat like no other.

Bars, a wine cave, the courtyard, hot pool, sauna and a fire pit are just some of the activities on offer. With more facilities and exclusive accommodation, it’s no surprise why this unique hotel concept is so popular.


Get Insight on Improving Your Guests’ Hotel Experience


An amazing customer experience can be the key to your guests returning frequently because of how much they enjoyed their stay. All of the hotels we mentioned above are just some of the unique concepts you can look to for inspiration. There are still so many out there doing things differently and stepping away from the norm.

For insight on how you can take the first steps to improve the enjoyment of your guests so they’d love to stay again, download out hotel guide below. It’s packed full of useful tips on how you can think about the bigger picture and make a real difference wherever you can.

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