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7 of the Best Shoes For Warehouse Work

When working in a hazardous environment like a warehouse, ordinary shoes just don’t cut it. You need to be both safe and comfortable - while there’s no harm in looking good at the same time. To make your decision easier when it comes to choosing shoes for warehouse work, we’ve gathered the best shoes in this post, and they all exceed minimum safety requirements.



Safety shoes are worth the investment. It means you spend less in the long run as they’re durable, while they feature plenty of safety elements that will keep you safe and comfortable during those long shifts in the warehouse. You’re protected from injuries, sore feet and blisters, aches and pains and your shifts will be much more enjoyable.




Safety shoes that use slip-resistant materials to prevent you from slipping on surfaces are exactly what’s needed in a warehouse environment. You might not notice spilt liquid on the floor or your current shoes may not be suitable but all contribute to potentially slipping and falling over.




We recommend the Bonnie or Clyde for both men and women. Like all of our other shoes, both of these styles feature effective slip-resistance which will keep you on your feet throughout those long shifts.

They feature exclusive slip-resistance technology from Shoes for Crews that provides the perfect amount of traction you need to stay safe, as well as being water and puncture-resistant.


Minimise Risk of Tripping


There’s a lot of ground to cover in the warehouse with plenty of potential risks to look out for. Machinery, spills and other works are just some of the hazards that can make you trip when you least expect it. In fact, poor-fitting footwear can lead to more trips.


We recommend the Elevate81. One of the unique features of this style is that it features a tapered outsole which will minimise your risk of tripping in the warehouse or anywhere else. With a clog-resistant outsole, you’ll stay on your feet throughout your shift and with heavy duty materials being used on this natural fitting shoe’s upper, they won’t need replacing very often.




Due to the nature of a warehouse environment, all safety footwear should at least be water-resistant. It's irritating when water gets into shoes, it can lead to damage and leave you open to more risks. It's also not good to have wet feet throughout your shift as this can lead to discomfort and blisters.


We recommend the Advance81 style. This safety shoe has been specially-designed to feature water-resistant safety elements so that it can always repel liquids. This keeps the shoes intact without suffering any damage while it also keeps your feet safe, dry and more comfortable.


Puncture Proof


No warehouse is ever going to have the clearest of walkways and sharp objects can be a common hazard. Should these sharp objects land on your normal shoes or you walk into something sharp, then the entire upper of the shoe will not only suffer irreparable damage but your feet will be at a greater risk of suffering an injury as well.


We recommend the X111081 style. Like the rest of our range, this style is made from heavy duty materials and is puncture proof, so no sharp objects will be able to penetrate the shoe.

You don’t need to waste money replacing shoes regularly and you get all of the other added safety benefits from slip-resistance to a tapered outsole.




A common misconception about safety shoes is that they don’t look good. That’s not the case. At the same time, a stylish shoe doesn’t mean it’s not going to be safe to wear in a warehouse environment.


If you want the benefits of ultimate safety and also a stylish shoe, then we recommend Rocket 81. Despite the stylish finish, this safety shoe features steel toecaps, it’s slip, clog, water and puncture-resistant while it also features a tapered outsole to minimise the risk of tripping.


Toe Protection


Perhaps the biggest hazard in a warehouse environment is the risk of heavy objects falling onto your feet or your shoes coming into contact with machinery. With regular shoes made from poor materials, this can be disastrous as it can lead to a serious injury.


We recommend the heavy duty X1100N81 style. While being water, puncture and slip-resistant, this is another shoe that’s designed with steel toecaps so that it will absorb the force of the impact, keeping your shoes in good condition and more importantly, your toes safe.


For added safety, we also recommend the Safety Crewguard which fits snugly and securely over almost any pair of shoes. It has steel toe protection, a waterproof rubber upper protects against any spills while its SFC Grip Slip Resistant Sole provides maximum slip and fall protection.


Find Out More About Understanding Warehouse Safety


At Shoes For Crews (Europe), we know how important safety shoes are when it comes to warehouse safety. However, there’s a lot more to consider than just shoes for warehouse work.

To stay in the know, download our free eBook on warehouse safety standards guide. It’s packed full of useful information about how you can stay safe in the warehouse, how to deal with injuries and the importance of safety shoes.

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